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16 January 2014,

Quality lightings often come from lighting specialist who takes their business seriously. Kingsun Lighting, one of the biggest players in the lighting industry has recently open yet another flagship store. Read on to find out more.


The Kingsun Lighting store has opened one of its largest flagship stores in Guzhen, Guangdong, China. One of the pioneers to venture into the field of LED semiconductor lighting, Kingsun Lighting Chairman, Li Xu Liang, Vice Chairman, Huang Guan Zhi, Deputy General Manager, Zhu Bing Zhong, General Manager of International Business, Sun Wei Hua, Branch Manager, Tang Qin together with approximately 200 people (including important clients and media friends) were present to grace the store opening ceremony.


Not only is the new store strategically located, it is also complete with the convenience of transportation. With a built-up of 1,600 square meters, the store is simple and stylishly designed. Overall it uses the colour white and green so as to highlight Kingsun Lighting’s eco-friendly concept. The first floor showcases various products such as indoor and outdoor lighting, electronic displays and other lighting, whereas the second floor is known as the “Lighting Experience Center”. This is where consumers can check out and put to trial home lighting, commercial lighting as well as hotel lighting on the spot.


Kingsun Lighting has 16 years of experience in the development of LED, and 9 years in the application of high-power LED semiconductor lighting. At the same time, it is also one of the first public listed companies to base its main business in high-power LED semiconductor lighting. In the year 2011, Kingsun Lighting was the first to come up with the program of “Thousand Stores in Hundreds Cities”, joining forces with distributors across hundreds of cities to promote thousands of Lighting Experience Centres. Today, Kingsun Lighting will continue to provide substantial policies to its flagship stores in order to maintain its brand’s reputation and quality of its products.


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