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9 March 2014,

As electricity tariffs rise, we have to find alternative ways to keep cool in the constant summer and Breezway seems to have a solution which is both simple and easy on the pocket.


Breezway has been designing and manufacturing louvre windows for over 60 years and today is at the forefront of modern louvre window technology. Breezway takes great pride in delivering quality products that will stand the test of time and as a result, the product has been installed into a variety of high profile and award winning residential buildings.

Breezway Louvre Windows are the ideal alternative to standard sliding or double hung windows. Unlike these other window types, the energy efficient Altair Louvre Window allows you to better manage airflow for cross ventilation thereby improving the quality of indoor air to provide a comfortable environment to live or work in.


Design options such as blade type, colour matched handles and clips and a variety of handle types give you an even greater choice in creating that distinctive look for your project. Here are some benefits of Breezway Louvre Windows:

• Air flow is enhanced as air freely flows in via minimized framing. When opened, it allows you to enjoy fresh air and you can control the strength of the breeze coming in. When closed, they seal tightly, keeping water and wind out.

• Easy to use as the windows are operated manually, via remote control or through Powerlouvre.

• Versatile as they can cover any size or even be fitted with flyscreens without the unsightly appearances of adapters, screws or turnbuckles.


• Multitude of choices like glass or aluminium louvre blades in any standard or customized colours and frames.
• Gives you the flexibility and option of ventilation while maintaining almost unrestricted views from inside or outside the house.

• Easy cleaning and minimal maintenance are a distinctive advantage, especially for high-rise dwellers
• Cater to different preferences of amount of air let into the house by adjusting the window blades, a possibility not possible with most window types.

Breezway brings you its trademark product, the Altair Louvre, in either a component form or a window system such as the Slimline and Easyscreen system. Both the Slimline and Easyscreen systems are manufactured from strong, resilient and corrosion-resistant materials specifically catered for the South-East Asian market. Security bars can also be incorporated into the Easyscreen window system for added security.

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