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10 March 2014,

Discover Wardina Safiyyah’s secret to a Goodnite’s rest and how she manages to stay on top of her game while juggling multiple roles.


Hectic lifestyles are fast becoming a norm in today’s world and a lot of us have gotten caught up in it without realizing. As a result, we fail to care for ourselves and forsake our most treasured possession, our health, by adopting bad habits such as not eating proper meals and of course, not getting enough sleep.

From babies to children and adults, sleep is equally important as that is the time our bodies recharge and recuperate from the days activities. Being an actress, model and host, on top of being a doting mother to three beautiful children, Wardina Safiyyah juggles multiple roles both on the home and work front.


“Sleep is really important for me because when we sleep, our bodies recharge and if our devices cannot function without batteries then neither can we,” shares Wardina as she adds, “Sleep is about more than just getting rest. Without sleep, we get stressed, cranky and tired so that’s why a good night’s rest is important to us.”


On top of many factors, a good mattress plays a big role in ensuring you get a good night’s rest. When asked about what makes a good mattress, Wardina says with a grin, “When you lie down on it, you just don’t want to get up! You also wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day, just like I do with Goodnite’s StatFree™ mattresses.”

Designed to encase mattress, the patented fabric of the StatFree™ mattresses come with ultra-fine carbon fibre threads. This scientifically proven feature frees the body from static and induces better sleep.


When asked to share some tips on how to get a good night’s rest, Wardina says that hot baths are a great way to help the body unwind before bedtime. She also does not bring gadgets into the bedroom. “Ultimately, I think it comes back to the mattress because we usually sleep very well in hotels as they have very good mattresses.”

As a mother of three kids, Wardina is a firm believer that sleep for children is very important. “I’m a big fan of getting children to take naps. Children’s brain and bodies grow in their sleep so if a child is well rested, they actually grow taller!” She adds that sleep is also very important for memory consolidation as the brain restructures information during sleep.



Believing in giving her children their personal spaces, Wardina and her husband, Ikhwan, let the little ones contribute ideas and give input on how their rooms will look like. “It is very hard to get kids to go to sleep! Bedtime is a constant struggle but Imran (her youngest son) was just ecstatic when he saw the Goodnite Disney series and that has made bedtime a little easier on us,” says Wardina.

Goodnite is the first company to manufacture 3D headrest beds for Disney group of company in South East Asia, bringing Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie and Cars 2 to your children’s bedrooms.




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