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LG WashTower™: The Perfect Match for Your Laundry

by creativehomex

Have you ever wished that doing laundry was a simpler and less time-consuming chore? With LG’s new WashTower™ laundry solution, you can make that wish come true!

Two-in-One Convenience
The new LG WashTower™ is designed to care for what users wear and is the Perfect Match for a more relaxed, intelligent and efficient way to do laundry. Making its first appearance at the IFA 2022, LG’s new WashTower™ laundry solution offers a fully integrated washer and dryer in a single stacking unit. The appliance features a minimalist, ultra-modern aesthetic complemented by an easy-to-access Center Control™ panel. For your convenience, the Center Control™ is located on the front of the machine in between the washer and dryer, allowing you to manage all settings and functions from one place easily.

Intelligent Load
More than just your conventional washer, LG WashTower™ features enhanced Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD™) technology, proven steam technology and an array of functions that make washing and drying clothes so much easier – and smarter. LG’s enhanced AI DD technology delivers customised performance that can sense load size, fabric type and the level of soiling of a clothing article, automatically adding the right amount of detergent and adjusting the wash style for optimised cleaning. On top of this, LG’s Smart Pairing™ sends information from the washer to the dryer recommending the optimal drying cycle to eliminate most of the guesswork.

Precision and Performance
Equipped with the AIDD function, the dryer seamlessly matches the washer function after detection by the AIDD. This function adds precise movement control and automatically selects the appropriate settings for optimal fabric care and faster drying times. The tech-enhanced feature further enables the appliance to learn the user’s laundry routine and preferences to deliver tailored drying options every time. For even more seamless and energy-efficient washing, the frontloading washing machine uses AI DD to provide clean, fresh clothes. At the same time, the dryer leverages LG DUAL Inverter Heat Pump technology to reduce energy consumption by drying at a low temperature throughout the drying cycle.

Seamless Control
You can also control and monitor your LG WashTower™ with LG ThinQ™ AI anywhere, anytime. The LG ThinQ™ app allows you to easily access your WashTower™ so you can start washing and drying at the touch of a button!

Intrigued? Find out more about what LG’s new WashTower can do via this link.  

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