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Taste and Textures: What Your Kitchen Worktop Says About Your Personality

by chxadmin

Your kitchen worktop is the single most important decision you can make when installing a new kitchen. So choosing the right worktop surface is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. Your kitchen worktop choice can say a lot about your taste in design, your lifestyle and even how seriously you take your cooking. So, which one are you?

1. Wood

You are: warm, tactile, earthy and very antibacterial. You’re easily shaped and can adapt to accommodate even the trickiest environment. However you are prone to scratching and can dent easily but, if looked after properly, you will last a very long time and, like a vintage wine, will just get better with age. You require oiling every six months or so, which some say is high-maintenance, but this will only serve to bring out all your natural character.

Designer: The Roof Studio

2. Marble

You are: cool, calm and very collected. Classically beautiful, you automatically catch the eye, adding understated glamour to any scheme. Like all great divas, you are quite high maintenance, needing a lot of care and attention to stay in tip-top condition. You scratch easily. A little porous, you soak up the red wine a little too easily, which can leave you looking tired, damaged and out of condition. While certainly not cheap, you can still punch above your weight when used in small doses, lifting a scheme as a stand-out feature on an island, say.

3. Concrete

You are: tough. But adaptable. You can, quite literally, be poured into any templated shape. You are more than a little bit ‘urban street’ but beneath your hard, no-nonsense exterior lurks an honest charm borne out of your ability to withstand whatever life throws at you. You wear your knocks well, and can be easily repaired but may need treating with a sealant to protect you from nasty stains.


4. Stainless steel

You are: a true professional. Handy with a cleaver, you have no time to dilly dally searching round for a chopping board to protect your delicate surface. No matter. The scratches, dents and knocks you take on simply add to your patina of charm. Tough, hygienic, hard wearing and hard working, have you thought of applying for Masterchef?

Designer: Luna Solutions

5.  Granite

You: think you’re hard enough? Resistant to all scratches, you rival old softie marble for classic beauty and are at your most stunning in polished black (the ebony to the ivory of white units). Although hard enough to even take direct chopping without so much as leaving a mark, you do have a weakness for lemon juice which can ruin your perfect surface. In fact all kinds of citrus are like kryptonite to you, so your owners can become a little obsessive about keeping you constantly buffed.

6. Laminate

You are: versatile, adaptable, affordable and, unless you were born in the 80s, full of surprises. You are now available in a huge array of colours and sophisticated surface finishes. Thanks to the latest printing technology, you are a great mimic who can take on the look of real stone, marble or a host of other natural matrials. You come into your own when accessorised – something as simple as a stainless steel trim or wood veneer edging can really add character and lift you from the mundane to the marvellous.

7. Man-made composite

You are: sleek, modern, solid and always up to the beat. You have a modern, edgy name like Corian, Silestone or Zodiac, being one of the cool gang who are easily fabricated into one seamless whole. You may well come in a punchy bright or sugary pastel colour, but chances are you’re effortlessly beautiful in a flat finish cream, putty, pure white or café latte shade. You are hygienic, easy to clean and recover well from set-backs with scratches and stains being easily polished out. Installation isn’t easy, so you need careful handling, by a professional who knows what they’re doing but that’s because, hey, you’re worth it…

Designer: Zanotta Design & Renovation

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