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Styling With Patterns and Textures


Through the use of fabrics, rugs, upholstery or solid surfaces, you can infuse a strong wow factor in your living room with patterns and textures.

Patterns and motifs add an immediate wow factor to living rooms – however they must be mixed and matched right. Whether you are introducing patterns and textures using fabrics, rugs, upholstery or solid surfaces, there are multitude ways to work with them to give your spaces their own unique personality.

Interior design by: ST Concepts

One of the key things to remember is that different patterns should have a common element so that they go together. It can be the same colour family, a similar style or complementing shapes. If you are doing this for the first time, the easiest way to ensure your different patterns go together is to use no more than 3 different motifs against a common palette.

Stay Neutral

Interior design by: ST Concepts

The neutral palette is a safe choice for a backdrop as it tends to bring a variety of patterns together without overwhelming the eye.

Interior design by: ST Concepts

In this living room, the designer successfully paired a variety of lush fabrics and textures together in a pleasing manner – thanks to the beige and off-white palette. To bring the eye to the furnishing pieces, pillows with geometric prints are used. Over on the feature wall, lines complement the decor while the polished marble surface of the coffee table gives the perfect finishing touch.

Pick a Hero Pattern

Interior design by: Hoe & Yin Design Studio

Pick one pattern to be the hero, and use other patterns to complement it. The hero pattern can be something bolder and more dramatic. From here, it’s essential to create balance with more subtle prints or lighter colours.

Interior design by: Hoe & Yin Design Studio

For this living room, a composition of interesting fabrics are used to create a lush effect. These fabrics serve as the complements for the hero feature in the room – the eye-catching wall-covering with two bright blue armchairs. The gray sofa and gray rug work well to offset the powerful patterns and tones used in this interior.

Mix Up the Textures

Interior design by: Hoe & Yin Design Studio

Put different textures together to create an interesting ambience. Smooth surfaces can be softened up with cosy fabrics, while solid colours on the walls can be uplifted using flooring materials.

Interior design by: Hoe & Yin Design Studio

This living room features a harmony of textures that blend in with the key furniture pieces. A single painting is effective in creating a secondary focal point while the addition of indoor plants also help to bring out a sense of freshness to the overall theme.

Tip: To find the perfect colour combo for your living room, use a colour wheel: hues that sit opposite each other on the sphere, like purple, orange, pink, and minty green, are guaranteed to look pretty when paired. And while bright shades can be exciting, remember that more neutral palettes have their own charm too.

Repeat Motifs

Interior design by: Surface R

Using the same fabrics or textures may be monotonous, but when patterns are repeated, they can create a visual boost for your interior. If you are using a graphic pattern or something as simple as stripes, use it continuously within a single area to infuse your space with a focal point.

The partition is in this living room is the perfect example of using patterns in repetition. However, instead of just choosing a singular motif, the designer has gone for several similar motifs to create that patterned effect. What’s interesting is the subtle addition of complementary prints in the form of pillows. There is also a second repetition of pattern on the wood finishing that envelopes the stairway.

Tip: When you want to shy away from bold and colourful patterns, texture is your best friend. Neutral is never boring when a variety of textures are used. Mix it up! Repeating the same pattern throughout a room is also a reliable way to achieve cohesiveness. Interior design by: Surface R

Go Large

Interior design by: Mode Interior Style

If your living room is big and roomy, large-scale patterns are a good way to bring the space closer together. To avoid overpowering the interior with very strong patterns, use flooring so that it won’t visually steal attention away from your main furnishing pieces.

To introduce patterns, this home features a unique treatment of flooring styles. The laminate wood flooring is done up with irregular patterns that stand out prominently. To tone it down, smooth grey flooring is used next to it. The designer also added on a textural feature wall to create a distinctive focal point in this space.

Article by: Lily Wong