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Two-Storey Superlink with Grand-Looking Spaces: IQI Concept

by creativehomex

Featuring a series of well-designed details, this home expresses a grand sense of luxury while offering the owners a comfortable place to live the life of their dreams.

When IQI Concept Sdn Bhd was tasked to transform this double storey superlink into a luxurious and comfortable home, they did it with upscale finesse. The result was a high-end abode made more complete with lavish accoutrements presented in a fusion of modern materials and impeccable taste.

In the living room, the space is done up in an awe-inspiring way, comprising lush furniture pieces and wood details against a creamy, cosy backdrop. In the centre, a beige sofa set is complemented by a pair of upholstered armchairs, a square coffee table and a futuristic-looking pendant lamp. Next to the seating area, a grand piano uplifts the sense of grandeur in this ultra-luxe space. On the side, dark wood panels add on to the sophisticated aesthetic of this spectacular home.

The same colour theme that blends dark wood and light beiges continues in the dining area and dry kitchen. To keep the palette stylishly simple, the designers opted for a light wood rectangular table accompanied by eight chairs, setting it next to the dark-toned dry kitchen.

The dry kitchen itself is a well-composed space demarcated by a bar counter with a drop-down shelf over it. Light-coloured wood cabinetry is used for a touch of contrast while lighting is strategically installed in specific spots to ensure a well-lit effect. For the wet kitchen, the designers chose white surfaces for the top cabinets to match with the warm wood hues of the bottom cabinets.

In the master bedroom, a luxurious ambience is immediately apparent. The bed is placed against a textured headboard wall where mirror panels, identical bedside tables and sconces on both sides offer a symmetrical appeal. At the foot of the bed, an upholstered bench placed atop a lush carpet infuses the room with a distinctive sense of comfort.

In another bedroom, the colour theme comprises mainly grey and warm wood tones to advocate a contemporary effect. The headboard wall is adorned with framed art pieces for added visual interest while on the side, a study desk offers the occupant a cosy space to study or work on the computer. Practical yet eye-catching details done up in different ways like these are evident throughout this home to create a truly functional dwelling that is outstanding at the same time.

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