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Integrated Nature: Nice-Style Refurbishment

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This gallery overflows with greenery, embodying MKH Berhad’s commitment to providing ecological living in thriving natural environments.

Nice-Style Refurbishment applies a selection of materials largely composed of faux and live greenery, in addition to wood and stone, to showcase one of MKH Berhad’s latest developments in a gallery that ranks highly among the most unique of property showrooms seen in recent years. The overwhelmingly green décor is an overt testament to the developer’s mission of providing sustainable living options to people concerned with the increasingly industrialized state of the world.

The highlight of the property gallery is an idyllic representation of the MKH brand – a centrally-located garden held above the wood flooring by pebble wash plinths, enclosed in transparent glass curtain walls, and bathed in the abundant natural light streaming through the double-height air well. The two adjacent structural support pillars are integrated into the display with wrappings of faux greenery representing established growths of ivy.

A ring of benches composed of dark wood laminate and brown upholstery is formed into a rectangle reflecting the footprint of the garden to provide visitors to the gallery with a comfortable position from which a front-seat view of the greenery can be appreciated. Acting as an additional reflection of the integrated garden, the nearby decorative feature wall bears thick layers of immortal greenery to depict a dense forest, stretching from the rectangular seating lounge to the far end of the adjacent reception desk.

The furnishings and decorations of the property gallery are kept lightweight so as not to detract from the theme of lush greenery – rudimentary lamps hang over diminutive meeting tables to echo intimate alfresco dining settings, while the lack of a unifying theme among the accompanying chairs helps to keep their visibility low and in the background. Influences ranging from the conventional to unique are visible in the furniture, with modern examples of dependable Scandinavian style to polygonal designs of stackable plastics represented in equal measure.

A corner of the gallery is tactfully appointed for use by younger visitors – the green theme takes a backseat in favour of a homely appearance represented by a subtle geometric motif in the wallpaper. In this corner, the use of green is taken to a lighter hue and reduced to a decorative ceiling feature, from which hang a collection of pendant lights. The children’s corner includes an inviting array of brightly coloured beanbag chairs and a surprising option for distracting young and boisterous minds in the form of smart phone pedestals.

Nice-Style Refurbishment
I-01-03, Block I
Setia Walk, Persiaran Wawasan
Pusat Bandar Puchong
47160 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

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+6013 391 6570

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