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Stylish Speakeasy: Nice-Style

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The decadence of the Roaring Twenties and flapper counterculture is expressed in the style of an after-hours jazz joint at Gatz.

Named after the literary classic by American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Gatz bar, restaurant, and event space in Kota Damansara was decorated by NiceStyle Refurbishment to embody the aesthetics associated with the period between 1920 and 1930 – when the affluent could be found rubbing shoulders with the working class in escape from the heavy-handed reach of the Prohibition era and in enjoyment of live jazz performances.

Lavish Trappings: Shimmering curtains of crystal beads appoint the central positions at the entrance and at the main floor of this establishment.

The entryway into the establishment resembles a lounge of the period, with a geometric motif expressed in monochrome across the floor, antique brass-tacked furniture playfully reupholstered in olive drab, and an assortment of vintage decorative pieces arranged alongside an ornate dresser that has been ingeniously repurposed into a maitre d’ podium.

Generous Upholstery: The main floor of the Gatz bar hosts overstuffed furnishings typical of the roaring 20s – albeit updated with eclectic varieties of leather and shimmering upholstery in playful shades of red, maroon, pink, or violet.

Beyond the entryway is the alfresco section of the Gatz, an exposed level surrounding the establishment, where diners can take in the outdoor ambiance while watching a live band and strolling over a swathe of fine turf that could potentially double as a putting green. Over on the beverage side of this level, a series of articulated canopies covers both the outdoor bar fixtures as well as the array of wood and metal seating arrangements to provide relief from the sunshine during the day.

Stepping past the threshold of the entryway brings one into a wide circular space containing vivid bursts of red, maroon, pink, and violet within a ring of velvet drapery. The lounge is generously furnished with high-backed sectional sofas, thickly tufted grey upholstery and gratuitously winged armchairs with brass tacked upholstery dyed in colours ranging from violet to brown.

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Just as speakeasies of the past incorporated mechanisms of camouflage and disguise, the Gatz bar hides a secret facility of revelry in plain view: a dancer’s pole stands on a raised wooden dais, encircled by narrow bar-height countertops and camouflaged as a chandelier with a ringed curtain of beads. With the bead curtain unfastened, the resulting imagery mimics a cascade of clear precious stones to complement the ornate lighting fixtures and the surprising abundance of white ostrich feathers strategically placed about the space.

A brick wall behind the bar completes the imagery of a basement tavern, the stretch of industrial finishes leading to the gastronomical section of the establishment where the more secluded seating arrangements are situated. Behind a set of ornate double doors, a luxurious private space is kept hidden from view. The secret space is perhaps the most elegantly decorated of all, with faux columns in between stretches of roughly-hewn stone, wall-mounted lighting fixtures in the shape of bronze torches, classical wall trim, and a coffered ceiling design set over a fully-reflective plane.

Underground Ambiance: The wall behind the bar is rendered in industrial style with a uniform expanse of red clay bricks completing the basement tavern feel of the establishment.

Country Club Décor: Natural materials are celebrated both indoors and outdoors, with wood liberally applied across both realms, walls composed of stacked paving stones in the secluded private lounge, and stretches of faux grass covering the floors on the exterior.


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From left to right: Quinnie Khor, Khor Yan, Adeline Chin, and Anne Ng
Venue: GoldenHome Kitchen @ Glenmarie
Kitchen Appliances: Teka Küchentechnik Malaysia
Photographer: Gavin Yam

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