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1 March 2014,

As the year kicks off to a booming start, read on to discover the curtain trends for 2014 and how these trends come about.


Every year in spring, the Trendtable meets for two days in Frankfurt am Main. Then, the Trendtable members close the doors, exchange their trend ideas with each other and, on this basis, develop joint international predictions for the coming season.

Trends not only reflect the present, they also refer to the past. They are current milestones in an ongoing evolution. The influences of society, architecture, fashion and design merge to form a broad, firm foundation for the new trends. The Trendtable transforms them into a perfect presentation that is highly emotional, intensely creative and, most of all, informative.

The creative personalities come from Brazil, France, Great Britain, Japan, The Netherlands and the USA and they presented innumerable illustrations, colours, new materials and textures from all over the world. Each year, a different team acts as the lead organisation for the development of the Trend Book and the concept for the presentation. This year London will have this task.


one-in-tone décors are particularly popular, especially in restrained colours such as light grey, stone grey, anthracite, clay, honey and gold. As a rule of thumb, the more elegant the fabric, the more restrained the impression. Red is also used for higher quality fabrics, although generally in warmer shades rather than bold tones. Sparkle and shine are somewhat out of favour, whereas there is demand for fabrics with a fine shimmer.

We are experiencing an unforeseen variety of modern lifestyles so easy universal systems enable us to change our personal space more and more frequently. This evolution in requirements regarding our living space has led us to rethink our textile furnishings and we place more importance on household and home textiles because in the short or the long term we want to implement our dreams in formerly bare rooms.



As the home textiles industry’s leader, Curtains Place has picked up on the trend towards Conceptual Living,* offering homeowners a wide variety of trendy fabrics to create a modern environment in their homes.

Conceptual Living describes the trend of people designing their living environments to match their current stage of life, situational needs and attitudes.

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