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28 February 2014,

With its magnificent architecture and integrated mixed development offering an exciting blend of business and leisure, Capital City promises to take you around the world – 21 capitals to be exact.

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It is not surprising that Johor Bahru’s location lures great attention from both investors and retailers, given its current vast economy development plan positioning it to be the forthcoming international metropolitan. Now the rising star gains another glorious addition near Danga Bay – a mix-development namely Capital City, comprising Capital 21 retail mall, SOHO loft residential blocks and 2 hotel towers.

Featuring the concept of converging the charisma of 21 prominent cities around the world into one iconic urban centre of its own, the slogan ‘Hello World’ best describes the attitude in which Capital City is designed and built by Metrics Global on a project capacity of up to 3.2 million of all interior designs and build works, with the intention to bring the global citizens to travel around the world all at once in one spot.

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Prior to the kick-start of ground works, a launching ceremony was held on 28th December 2013, and Metrics Global Sdn Bhd took initiative in building the sales gallery for Capital City Property Sdn. Bhd. which involved 7 authentic landmark replicas out of the 21 selected cities from around the world to showcase architectural details, exceptional features, outstanding elements, as well as the ambience and atmosphere that the retail mall is destined to look like.

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A great success, the ceremony attracted thousands of excited investors from all over the world including Singapore and China. Eventually, the sales gallery built by Metrics Global Sdn Bhd emerged as a new landmark in Johor Bahru.

Metrics Global Sdn Bhd prides itself as the sole design & build firm appointed by Capital City Property Sdn. Bhd. Following the thriving success, the team will continue the effort to bring stunning interior works to the wonderful retail zones of Capital City.

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Previously known as Buildex Global, Metrics Global Sdn Bhd acknowledges its building plans and sales gallery as one of its milestones to achieve greater accomplishment over its 6-year history since its inception in 2008, in which it was initially known as Buildex Global. The new name of the company was endorsed since 1st January 2014, marking a new chapter for the talented company.

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For interior consultation, please call +603 6201 3999 or visit www.buildexglobal.com.my for more info.

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