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Timeless Styles: Class and Comfort in One Vintage Package

by chxadmin

Chandeliers shaped like golden flowers hang down from a particular part of the ceiling, casting an aura of yesteryear grandeur to the surroundings.


Splashes of colour with energetic vibes

There are more lighting like these in other areas – with some of them projecting a more contemporary appearance. Beneath them, chic modernist furniture in light pastel tones and glossy, elegant surfaces complement one another.


The ambience and elements grow bolder as you venture further into the place. Key standouts include the wood-based wall panels in the restaurant, which are patterned in rectangular empty spaces and blocks.


Its conference rooms are equally striking, with vivid purple carpeting and a mirrored ceiling setting up a vibrant atmosphere.


Project Name Vouk Hotel

Design Concept Balinese

Location Penang, Malaysia

Build-Up Size 80,460 sq ft

Project Type Hotel

Architect / Interior Designer Beverly Home Team

Tel +603 7782 7128

Email info@beverly-home.com

Website www.beverly-home.com

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