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Hansgrohe Special | These granite sinks from AXOR and hansgrohe are designed to be your kitchen’s best friend

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When it comes to creating a highly functional kitchen, there are many things to take into consideration. A key component in the kitchen is the kitchen sink. With a high quality sink, chores gets easier in the kitchen as it ensures your cooking and cleaning experience is a smooth and seamless one.

Thanks to Hansgrohe‘s decades of experience and expertise in bringing the best kitchen mixers and fittings to homeowners, Hansgrohe knows what it takes to make the sink a highly functional kitchen centrepiece. Two of their highly sought after collections – AXOR and hansgrohe offer high quality sinks that combine function and aesthetics.

AXOR Granite Sinks
AXOR, the luxury brand under the Hansgrohe Group, proudly presents the new SilicaLux composite quartz sinks. They consist up to 75% quartz (the hardest constituent of granite) and are an absolute must in the kitchen. Made in Germany, these luxurious kitchen sinks are distinguished by their premium design, intricate craftsmanship and perfect functionality.

Some of the benefits of AXOR SilicaLux sinks include:

  • dirt repellent effect (dirt simply runs off the surface without further scrubbing)
  • odour-free effect (leaves the surface free of smells)
  • food-safe (an absolutely safe material if you desire to prepare food directly on top of the surface)
  • proHygienic 21 (there’s no place for bacteria to thrive on the surface, thus it is consistently hygienic)
  • stain-resistant (prevents food stains on the surface)

hansgrohe Granite Sinks
With its new SilicaTec granite range of kitchen sinks, the hansgrohe brand offers a comprehensive range for the kitchen centrepiece, combining a warm and welcoming look, elegant colours, premium design and long-lasting quality.

SilicaTec features a composite material made from quartz and acrylic resins, which has a natural look and is pleasing to the touch. But that’s not all it has to offer: only rounded quartz particles from quartz sand, the hardest constituent of granite, are processed. The result is a smooth, hard and non-porous surface, easy to clean and dirt repellent. It is odourless, UV-stable, heat resistant, food safe, impact resistant and stain resistant. Red wine, coffee, tea and even hot pots and pans leave no trace: a robust and attractive all-rounder for even the most hectic of kitchen routines.

All innovative hansgrohe sink combination models in graphite black come with a choice of two intuitive controls. The controls have been positioned at the front right-hand side of the sink rim for more ease of use. The central control unit on the first model is a lever handle on the front right-hand side of the sink. It can be switched and turned to select precise water temperature and volume. Once selected, these settings remain constant. Water flowing from the tap can then be turned on or off by simply pressing the Select button strategically positioned on the high spout. On the second model, the Select button, which turns water from the multi-spray kitchen tap on and off, is located on the right sink rim. Turning the button opens and closes the drain. Both models allow you to control the flow of water using the back of your hand or elbow; for instance, when your hands are dirty.

Additionally, the hansgrohe sBox is also incorporated to the sink unit. This feature stows away the hose of the pull-out spray tap in a flat casing, keeps the base cabinet tidy. It protects the hose from being bumped into by drawers and waste bins, and ensures comfortable, smooth and quiet functioning. In addition, the sBox enables the use of hoses up to 76 centimetres long; that is 50 percent longer than pull-out spray taps without box. This creates a convenient operating range, making it easier to fill vessels near the sink.

To further take the sink to another level, the prestigious Phoenix Design studio has created a minimalist, linear design of the range. The broad rim surface, so distinctive of the design, showcases the material and provides room for additional features. This wider rim is the connecting element for the innovative two-hole mixer used in hansgrohe sink combination units. In addition, the overflow in all of hansgrohe’s granite sinks is hidden from sight. It is positioned on the right side of the bowl, giving the sink a clean, uncluttered look.

Article and images courtesy of hansgrohe/Hansgrohe SE

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