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CH TopShops | KARE’s new flagship store at Great Eastern Mall is poised to be the talk of the town

by chxadmin

Quirky, zany, fashionable. If your decorating taste leans towards the bold and the whimsical, Kare is for you. Just recently, this home furnishing store has opened its biggest store yet in Malaysia. Spanning across 2,000 sqft space at Great Eastern Mall, Kare’s new showroom offers even more showcases, all beautifully done to resemble actual home settings.

“The Kare brand caters to those with a distinctive taste and who want a touch of fashion in their homes”, says Kare founder and CEO, Peter Schönhofen. “We find that in Malaysia, the trend is moving rapidly towards very personalized home interior design – here’s where Kare can meet the demands and desires of local homeowners to create beautiful, unique homes.”

With so many styles and trendy pieces available from Kare, it may be a bit overwhelming for homeowners to know how to put them together. However, Peter gives the assurance that Kare’s experienced staff will always be there to help customers design a stylish yet functional living space. On top of this, Kare currently offers customers an easy-to-use app called the 3D Roomdesigner App that comes with augmented reality features.


“What this means is that, with this app, you can easily ‘place’ and ‘see’ furniture or accessories in your living space, as if they are really there,” Schönhofen explains. “This app allows you to try before you buy, so you can quickly see if a certain product is right for your space.”

For those who want to look, touch and fee Kare’s unique pieces, the showroom itself is brimming with all kinds of visually-captivating furniture and accessories. A quick tour will bring you through different sections cohesively done up with specific styles. From vintage and retro furniture to bizarre and artistic decorative paraphernalia, there’s literally something for everyone. Rest assured, whichever piece that you do bring home, it’s going to be a conversation pieces no matter where it is placed.

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Kare founder and CEO, Peter Schönhofen welcomes you to the new Kare flagship store at Great Eastern Mall

Words and images by Lily Wong

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