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17 February 2014,

Not sure what to do when there is lack of storage space in your fridge after a long day of shopping? Dewpoint freezers make sure you always have space to keep fresh seafood and meat.


Nowadays, the busy lifestyles of many allow them to do groceries shopping only once a week and this result in storage becoming an issue especially when it comes to frozen food. Dewpoint freezers are designed to be simple yet effective in keeping meats and food fresh while giving you enough storage space to store foods hassle-free.

Dewpoint freezer is specially designed to provide more storage space for your foods. Besides that, the freezers are equipped with an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature of the freezer. You can rest assured that optimal freshness of your food is maintained with the temperature set for various frozen load conditions.


Unlike common freezer in the market, Dewpoint freezer compartment is using Galvanized Steel, which is longer lasting and much more robust compare to aluminum – common material used for conventional freezer.

Dewpoint freezers come with an innovative magnetic door gasket that minimize the leakage of cold air from the freezer and this helps to save energy consumption. Even in the case of power failure, the freezer is able to maintain the temperature with the door closed for a period of time.

Dewpoint range offers 5 types of freezers with various storage sizes, providing more space and flexibility depending on your needs.


On top of offering a wide range of sizes from 200 liters to 560 liters, Dewpoint freezers are also available in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

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