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Botanically-inspired, Meike Harde’s latest Evergreen Platters collection of tableware offers an ensemble of blossoms and foliage that has been decoratively embedded into glass plates – or “platters” as this German designer calls them. Instead of conventionally painting or having the floral motifs enamelled on the surface of the plates, Harde wanted the flowers to be captured visibly from either side of the circular transparent platters.


“By referencing traditional floral ornamentation, the glass plates blend into the canvas of a laid table,” explains Harde. “By the durable embedding of blossoms in glass, the fragility of nature in this moment is conserved; the plants becomes objectified and are transported into the living area. Through the individual choice of flowers the basic commodity becomes unique.”



A variety of floral specimens was first collected over different seasons. These include flower heads, leafy twigs and wildflowers with their stems intact. Harde then dried and pressed them in a course of three full weeks, two create two-dimensional forms  out of them. Finally, the pressed flowers were set between two layers of glass and the platters were “baked” at high temperatue in a vaccuum oven. Once ready, the platters offer a beautiful three-dimensional appearance of the floral specimens which, according to Harde, give a new definition to floral tableware.


“Since antiquity nature-inspired motives have been represented in commodity objects, particularly in the context of tableware, blossoms are a central stylistic device. Accordingly, the Evergreen Platters expresses this traditional tableware motive, but uses real flower parts.”