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17th February 2015,


Sleek and stylish, Toshiba’s revolutionary new Inverter refrigerator series provides up to 30% energy-savings.

Toshiba FA c10

With costs of living ever escalating, it is only wise to adopt energy-saving measures that allow your household budget to stretch further. Refrigerators are well known for their energy-hungry characteristics and what better way to curb this appetite than to own one of Toshiba’s latest Inverter refrigerators.


Toshiba Sales and Services Sdn. Bhd. (TSS) recently launched its ultra-sleek and sophisticated Inverter refrigerators that feature an intelligent Inverter Technology. This Smart Inverter Technology reduces energy consumption by up to 30% for long-term savings.


Compressors in conventional non-inverter refrigerators run on an “on-off” operation that does not vary in output power and results in a lot of energy wastage. The Inverter compressor in the Toshiba refrigerator works by varying power output according to differing usage patterns or capacity load. This maximizes efficiency, saves energy and ensures a more stable temperature. What’s more, all of Toshiba’s new Inverter refrigerators feature a 5-Star Energy Efficiency rating for added savings on your electricity bill. Additionally, the W Series Inverter refrigerators also come with the LED HYBRID deodorizing system that effectively eliminates bacteria and decomposing ethylene gas. As a result your food will stay fresher for longer. Your refrigerator will also be more pleasant-smelling as the LED HYBRID gets rid of unpleasant odours in the fridge.


Apart from their energy-saving capabilities, a big attraction of these refrigerators is their stunning minimalist and ultra-modern design that showcases elegant elements such as a flat surface, angular corners, thin door frame and a recessed handle. In fact, Toshiba’s Gradient Glass Door Series won the acclaimed “Good Design Award” from Japan recently, due to its supremely sleek design enhanced with a brilliant, shimmering finish.


Toshiba’s new Inverter refrigerators not only save you energy and are a delight to behold, they also come with a host of exciting and useful features.


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