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Regal Opulence: This 10,000+ Sqft Bungalow is Beautifully Adorned with Luxe Materials to Create a Cosy Sanctuary

by creativehomex

From its classic regal look to the modern contemporary decorating scheme, every aspect of this bungalow in Eco Majestic, Selangor, designed by Mieux Design has been put together to perfection. Every room in this large home, which spans across a vast area of 10,131 sqft, has been thoughtfully designed to create a perfect balance of luxury, elegance, and comfort.

For starters, the living area is a mesmerising symphony of luxurious materials. From the opulent marble flooring to the classic wall panels, these unique features were carefully curated to create a charming space brimming with a regal appeal. The midcentury modern furniture perfectly complements the overall aesthetic, while the clean, pristine palette accentuates the concept. In addition, natural light that streams into the living area imbues the space with a welcoming, warm ambiance that is ideal for entertaining guests or spending quality time with loved ones.

Next to the living room, the understated design of the dining room is a testament to the designers’ impeccable taste. The small, sparkling chandelier that hangs above the marble table casts a soft, elegant glow, and the plush lounge in the centre of the room adds an inviting touch. The vibrant red curtains infuse a bold pop of colour, while the space itself manages to feel both spacious and intimate, making it the perfect setting for intimate dinners with friends and family.

The open kitchen is a vision of modern elegance, with a stylish green counter and bar chairs that add a touch of sophistication. The sleek, minimalist design is further accentuated by the white backsplashes and beige cabinetry in the wet kitchen, creating a sense of effortless elegance that is sure to impress.

Finally, as you make your way to the bedroom, you are greeted by a romantic ambiance that has been crafted using lush furnishings and an eye-catching feature wall with framed marble panels. The room is suffused with natural light, creating a serene and calming environment that is ideal for rest and relaxation.


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