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Spicing Up the Home to Nourish the Soul

by chxadmin

Here’s a surprise home project with Dulux’s Colour of the Year – Spiced Honey – to show you care.

Asian values deeply ingrained in us see us showing our daily appreciations to our parents in many different ways, such as sitting down for meals together, the occasional gifts and perhaps an annual family getaway. Indeed it is true that ‘actions speak louder than words’, and so a simply gesture we show to our parents will mean a lot to them.

Take, for example, a surprise home makeover. As we know, colours are known to have a positive effect on our mood and can invoke a sense of calmness, nourish a weary soul, and even bring about a sense of renewed energy. Here, we explore several colourful ideas to spruce up that bedroom, kitchen and living room.

The colour palettes that are featured here are inspired by Dulux, AkzoNobel’s leading decorative paint brand and centres around the theme “Let The Light In”. Every year, a theme is identified to reflect a global trend that concerns us all, and this year, that theme is about being empowered to make a change. Perfectly embodying this theme is the AkzoNobel Colour of the Year – Spiced Honey (also known as Crème Brulee 00YY 26/220).

While Spiced Honey looks great on its own, adding a complementary colour palette to our walls is a great way to turn a good-looking wall into a great-looking one. Here are some ideas to help add some colour to the family home:

A Soothing Place to Think – Stimulating Conversations in a Soothing Environment

The living room is the centrepiece of every home. It is where the family gathers to bond and share a cup of coffee or two. Here, we used Crème Brulee along the walls, and Padre Island to highlight the window squares. This creates an earthy ambiance that makes it a homely place to be in. Add several black and white furniture or paintings into the mix and you’ll never need to look elsewhere for a place to converse and catch up.

Colours used for this room include:

  • Crème Brulee (00YY 26/220)
  • Padre Island (70YR 20/239)

A Calming Place to Dream – Colours that Serenade

Perhaps you prefer a living room that’s more toned down and relaxing. If that’s the case, you’ll want a living room painted in colours that’s easy on the eyes. We can combine Spiced Honey’s earthy notes with muted pastels, warm wood and tactile textile. These colours provide a more relaxed setting that seem gives off a sense of calmness, making it a great place to just sit back and relax. To further complement the look of this room, you could opt for lightly-coloured furniture.

Colours used in this room include:

  • Crème Brulee (00YY 26/220)
  • Pictured Rocks (10YR 28/072)
  • Barley Beige (30YY 68/024)

A Cosy Place to Love – Spread the Love (For Food) with a Rustic Charm

From the living room, we move into the kitchen – where our obsession for good food gives life to amazing meals! You’ll want colours that exudes rustic charm and fiery passion at the same time. This can be achieved with a small amount of Spiced Honey (Crème Brulee), lots of Burgundy and a little bit of Thundercloud. Burgundy is used extensively on the walls, while Spiced Honey and Burgundy are used as borders at the top. Using wooden furniture here will further accentuate the rustic atmosphere.

Colours used in this room include:

  • Crème Brulee (00YY 26/220)
  • Burgundy (11YR 07/229)
  • Thundercloud (10GG 26/046)

A Vibrant Place to Act – Empowered to Act

The walls of our bedroom are the last thing we see when we turn in for the night and the first thing we see when we wake up in the morning. Naturally, this is a great place to add a little vibrancy to empower you to face the day. Here, we used contrasting tones to create a livelier area, including White on White, Shanghai, Glistening Sea and of course, Spiced Honey. There’s a little bit of a tropical feel to this look, so adding a couple of plants here and there will help to complete the look.

Colours used in this room include:

  • Crème Brulee (00YY 26/220)
  • Shanghai (29YR 19/621)
  • White on White (30GY 88/014)
  • Glistening Sea (50BG 62/133)

Looking for reference? Try out the Dulux Visualizer app to explore which colours work best with Spiced Honey, Dulux Colour of the Year 2019, and find a mood to suit your home.

For more information on Dulux products offering, visit Dulux’s website at http://www.dulux.com.my or Dulux Malaysia Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DuluxMalaysia. To obtain help from our colour consultantation service, contact Dulux at 1-800-88-9338 or email Dulux at customercare.my@akzonobel.com.

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