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Design Diffusion News (DDN) Exclusive: Malaysia Meets Made in Italy

by creativehomex

Previously we have covered the spectacular designer tour in Milan where Iko In brought six designers from reputable design firms in Malaysia to visit seven Italian brands and manufacturers in Milan, in collaboration with Design Diffusion News (DDN). Here’s more about this inspiring trip: check out this exciting piece by DDN on the trip:

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* Pages below are extracted from DDN’s latest issue.  Download a copy of the magazine here


Even Malaysia, in the last years, is growing and becoming aware to be – together with the whole Southeast Asia – an expanding market. It is thought that in 2025 there will be around 500 million people belonging to the middle class: a figure to be considered when designing marketing strategies, also for the furniture industry. For this reason, the key players of the last B2B meeting organized by DDN with the aim of promoting major Italian companies in the industry, are designers and interior designers from Malaysia, in partnership with iko in, Malaysian blogger and publisher. In the following pages, the companies involved tell us about the market and the expectations they have towards this quite new communication channel, an alternative to the classic ones.
In the picture, Malaysian designers visiting Carrara-based Franchi Umberto Marmi marble quarries. From left: Lai Siew Hong, Blu Water Studio Sdn Bhd; Dr. Tan Loke Mun, ArchiCentre Sdn Bhd; Ooi Boon Seong, Ooi Design & Associates Sdn Bhd; Joe Chan, Designtone Sdn Bhd; Alex Lee, Nu Infinity Sdn Bhd; Hao Wang, S/LAB 10; iko in, iN Publishers Sdn Bhd. Among them, from left, Paolo Russo, DDW, Carlo Varni and Davide Giovanetti, Franchi Umberto Marmi


FRANCHI UMBERTO MARMI CARLO VARNI, SALES DIRECTOR “We are considering, in recent months, the expansion of our marble also in the countries where we are less present, such as Malaysia, which we expect to be a good market for our products. Here, in fact, we are not present in a widespread way, and for this reason we consider these very targeted meetings to be particularly interesting. We are sure of the fact that the B2B channel is much more effective than other forms of communication, through which we have the opportunity to show end customers the reality and history of marble, and to see our company’s potential first hand”.  From extraction, to processing, to the supply of stone material, Franchi Umberto Marmi is by vocation, history and vision a wellestablished entity in the economy of the industry. Over the years, the company has broadened its horizons, expanding its product range also in the field of home design, with a rich collection recently presented. www.franchigroup.it

RES ITALIA MAURIZIO SANTAMBROGIO, DIRETTORE COMMERCIALE “RES has been present in Southeast Asia for more than 10 years, with showrooms and spaces dedicated to our collections, but actually the Malaysian market has not yet shown real dynamism. As shown by previous experiences, indeed, usually emerging markets approach Italian design starting from ‘loose furniture’, and then, only later, arriving at finishes for the interior spaces. Having the opportunity to invite key players from emerging markets, such as the Malaysian one to our venue, and being able to accompany them on a path that runs through the entire design and production process is an unparalleled ‘advantage’. We were given the unique opportunity to personally tell the Malaysian architects and designers of the various technical solutions conceived by our company – such as the sliding track, the profile to be inserted into the wall, the push-pull hinge – which over the years has allowed to be highly competitive on the market”. Since 1962, RES Italia has been designing and producing doors and systems and is part of the Brianza production context, which has been able to bring ‘Made in Italy’ style’ furniture all over the world. The company presents its collections of doors for the interior spaces with a targeted distribution that is achieved through high-level furniture system retailers, as well as through professionals in the industry of design doors. www.resitalia.it

CERAMICA GLOBO RICCARDO BIANCHINI, MARKETING MANAGER “Malaysia is an interesting market to us, on which we focus and which we are trying to develop. In the last years, this country has implemented remarkable works in the contract design sector, on which we are focusing our efforts. B2B channel is an additional communication way interesting to us compared to more traditional channels, where you really need to have very qualified and interested interlocutors for our products. The meeting organized by DDN with the Malaysian architects at our Milan-based showroom met our expectations. Now we just have to follow up and keep new contacts updated”. Since 1980, Ceramica Globo has played a central role in a story of great success, made of quality and reliable, technologically advanced and with great stylistic content products, that have led it to reach a glorious position among the companies in the bathroom and bathroom furnishings sectors. www.ceramicaglobo.com

RUGIANO ALBERTO RUGIANO, BRAND AMBASSADOR “For Rugiano, Malaysia represents a new market on which we have already worked and where we will soon open a flagship store with a more than 300 square large exhibition area. Thanks to this space, we hope to expand and increase our business not only in Malaysia, but throughout Southeast Asia. Certainly, direct contact with architects, designers and bloggers can help us to develop the brand image, as well as to facilitate direct relationships with professionals in the industry and possible customers”. Talking about Rugiano means talking about a real philosophy, which is expressed by small things, in the attention to detail, in the finely worked furniture and in the leather embroidery. And that is shown in the sinuous shapes of stone and metal tables, in the decorated and silvered tops, in the refined bronze bases, but also in the large chandeliers, which are often the key elements of the furniture. www.rugiano.com

SCIC LORENZO MARCONI, CEO “Malaysia, where SCIC is present and active through an ‘ad hoc’ created network, able to optimize the entire distribution workflow, represents for SCIC an important opportunity for development and expansion of the markets already well established today. B2B meetings represent a good alternative to the classic communication channels, especially if applied to a business-to-business commercial network. They are also useful in the supplying, planning and monitoring of a production flow focused on different companies”. For over 70 years, SCIC’s mission is expressed by the concept of innovation. To design kitchen furniture with cutting-edge, functional and ‘total quality’ solutions, using ever new materials and introducing increasingly efficient managing and opening systems, have allowed it to be a truly innovative company. www.scic.it

Text by Laura Galimberti from DDN, images provided by DDN

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