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Delectably Asian: Jashen Interior Design

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The Chinese-Muslim restaurant, Mohd Chan, features vibrant themes converging in bursts of whimsical colour.

Jashen Interior assembles a collection of unique furnishings and generous slabs of white marble within modern and industrial frames, to imbue this eatery with an Asian and Oriental-inspired theme complemented by modern flavours. Even from beyond the threshold of its entrance, this establishment gives hints to its art deco character, distinguishing itself with a generously sized wall lamp of modern design.

Stepping through the door on the right reveals a long and narrow space of dimensions similar to a traditional diner. Instead of presenting a conventional and modern décor composed of tiled floors and plaster ceilings, the backdrop consists of bare cement for floors and blackened voids in the ceiling.

Set in thematic contrast against this industrial background are arrays of country inspired side chairs – their crest rails are painted in a pale blue shade reminiscent of cloudless skies to reinforce a unique flavour.The second half of Mohd Chan features a more varied collection of seating options – while the predominant theme is carried over with the same variety of blue-crested side chairs, more generous forms of upholstery also appear with additional olive capitonné benches, in addition to oval-backed chairs with pastel green and yellow cushions.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Vol.87

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