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Dusky Elegance: ZIDS Design

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An opulent composition of black and gold exudes allure residing within the dark side of the neutral palette.

The open layout of this home is intersected by partitions emblazoned with geometric motifs, the decorative monoliths serving to neatly section off the open layout into individual spaces. The predominant monochromatic palette is made clear at the entryway of this bungalow, where black and white forms sit within tight footprints and in close proximity to sources of golden light.

The predominant shades make their way into the dining space, saturating nearly available plane and converging on a marble dining surface with bold veins in matching tones. The dining arrangement is reinforced in the style of modern classicism – with dark leather capitonné upholstery serving the classical flavour juxtaposed against the gilded, concentric rings of a modern chandelier hanging overhead.

In line with the convention of this age, the private spaces are presented with predominant elements appropriated from the rest of the home – most of the fittings in bedrooms present similar compositions of glossy black panels and golden light, with the theme relaxed to make way for personal shades in the bedrooms. In the younger residents’ bedrooms, the glossy black panels are restrained in favour of bold tones, accented with only the minimum of warm light to sustain the prevailing decorative theme. The presence of black and gold returns in full to elevate the compact master bedroom to luxurious heights – with a grand feature wall framing luxurious capitonné upholstery in cream and drawing attention to a bedstead framed in warm, golden light.

Outside, lush landscapes complement the manmade features that make for a magnificent presentation of outdoor spaces, truly befitting of a bungalow of this style and theme.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Vol.87.

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