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Faith in Design: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity Within a Sanctuary

by creativehomex

Architect David Adjaye has masterfully crafted the Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, an extraordinary building composed of three religious sanctuaries: a mosque, a synagogue, and a church. These hallowed places of worship rest upon a shared, secular visitor pavilion. The fundamental aim of this unique structure is to nurture inter-religious dialogue and foster exchange, championing peaceful co-existence and acceptance among people of diverse beliefs, nationalities, and cultures.

Within these sacred spaces, visitors have the opportunity to participate in religious services, engage with holy scriptures, and partake in sacred rituals. Additionally, a fourth space, not tied to any specific religion, stands as a unifying center for all people of goodwill to gather as one community. This space also offers educational and event-based programming for all who wish to partake.

The architectural design is a testament to the shared aspects of these three faiths, prioritizing commonalities over distinctions. The three cubic structures, though not precisely aligned, project a sense of powerful unity, each adorned with colonnades, screens, and vaults to underscore their sacred essence.

The public garden that spans the space between them serves as a metaphor for unity, connecting these three faiths and promoting community, connection, and civility. The central podium seamlessly links these spaces, fostering inclusivity and the celebration of a shared history and identity.


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