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Cultural Dominance: SJY Furniture

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SJY Furniture is the one of the pre-eminent faces of local culture, represented in the outdoor furnishings of luxury hotels worldwide.

With a core workforce of over 760 individuals, production floor space in excess of 103 square meters, a dedicated research and development programme and a robust distribution network covering Malaysia, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines, SJY’s furnishings have decorated multiple turnkey properties and luxury hotels of note in over 100 nations around the world since its establishment in 1983. In addition to high-end hotels and beach resorts, their products have been incorporated into numerous international projects that include well-known condominiums and commercial enterprises.

Due in large part to their prolonged research and development efforts during their relatively lengthy existence, in addition to marketing assistance by the Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB), SJY’s product range now includes lighting fixtures, decorations and furniture made from moulded polyethylene, Malaysian hardwood ( Hevea brasiliensis ), rattan—in addition to some novel natural textiles derived from jute and water hyacinth fibres. It is with furniture made from these innovative materials that SJY is able to market their innovative products internationally, to regions where the requirement of ecologically sustainable materials constitutes one of the primary factors of appeal.

The appeal of novel and environmentally friendly materials such as jute and water hyacinth fibres is demonstrated in the Eggy brand—an exemplar, tropical-inspired piece of outdoor furniture that came about from a relationship between SJY and an Italian designer by the name of Andrea Brugnera. As Brugnera describes it, “Eggy is designed to stand out from the crowd—as a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by tree houses and a true anomaly that stands out from the crowd and yet blends in beautifully with its surroundings.”

In an exercise of fostering local design talent, SJY is also involved in community outreach programs that relate to lesser-known tourist destinations and local art forms. Their office in Muar (Johor) is a gallery of works called the “Muar Art Gallery”— the objective being to raise awareness of the unique art and culture of Muar. Being one of the top 10 sources of furniture exported from the country, Muar’s numerous furniture companies and designers are often brought into the fold of SJY’s design team to showcase the distinctive craftsmanship and culture of this historically storied town.

SJY Furniture
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SJY Furniture

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SJY Furniture


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