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Country Chic: IDS Interior Design

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Modern details and contemporary features brighten up the spaces in this home to evoke a charming country-themed concept.

In this beautiful home, a country theme is employed, but a plethora of modern details are also incorporated to give the spaces a distinctive, refreshing touch. In the living area, the space
is surrounded by sliding doors on all three sides. Lush green views and natural light stream generously into the space, perfectly complementing the carefully selected furnishing pieces.

Lush green views and natural light perfectly complement the carefully selected furnishing pieces in the main living room.

In the kitchen, wood beams and wood ceiling details add to the rustic charm of the space.

The adjacent wet kitchen continues with the white backdrop and polished surfaces, offering the owners a bright and cosy space to prepare their favourite dishes.

The white TV panel is enhanced by backlighting, creating a vibrant effect in the upstairs living room.

The upholstered headboard of the master bed leans against a spectacular feature wall.

In the attached bathroom suite, wood details and white surfaces are complemented by the small white tiles with black grout on the floor.

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