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Cosy Exemplar: Metrics Global

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Metrics Global demonstrates how to craft a sense of intimacy in monochrome with Puteri Cove’s show unit.

Decorated by Metrics Global, this condominium suite of the Puteri Cove Residences & Quayside stands just a short stroll south from Puteri Harbour, perched on a sliver of land extending into the Straits of Johor and forming the tranquil inlet that is this mixed development’s namesake. Dressed in sleek lines of modern design, this compact show unit for the Puteri Cove’s condominium suite is saturated in the shades of the neutral palette to preserve a sense of space on the interior.

The open layout is evenly divided in monochromatic fashion—with the various components of the conjoined kitchen and dining areas rendered in a uniform shade of white, while the seating lounge is drenched with layers of dusky tones in the wall coatings and assorted textiles. A seamless expanse of glossy stone on the floor mimics the pale shade of Scandinavian pine, forming a subtle background that bridges the two opposing poles of the colour spectrum represented here.

Practical Seating: The narrow open layout necessitates an innovative form of seating that provides for two adjacent areas.

A long bank of bench seating dominates the length of the open layout, extending from the edge of the kitchen to the far end of the seating lounge—a practical space-saving solution serving double duty in two adjacent spaces. The accompanying dining chairs feature all-white upholstery to lessen their prominence in the narrow confines of this space. While the long bench seems to fuse with the dark wall, indicated only with a narrow strip of concealed lighting, the dining space is demarcated and emphasised by the deliberate placement of a circular mirror and the addition of eye-catching pendant lamp shades over the black dining table.

The darker aspects of the neutral palette fade momentarily to paint a child’s bedroom in mirthful tones—black disappears almost entirely to make way for playful shades of primary colours to create a more juvenile ambiance.

Youthful Tones: The darker side of the neutral palette takes a back seat in the child’s bedroom to enable the injection of primary colours.

The complete neutral palette returns in the main bedroom to border white planes in streaks of dark wood and matte black, while geometric cuts of wood decorate the feature wall with an intriguing collage of shapes.

As the naïve eye lingers on the bed’s wooden headboard, the gaze is drawn down towards the bed, where an inviting spread echoes the geometric forms above.

Geometric Attraction: Haphazard cuts of wood are neatly arranged into a collage of shapes on the headboard, while the geometric motif is echoed in a monochromatic throw blanket to draw attention to the bed.

Metrics Global Sdn Bhd
B-01-12, 13, & 13a, Gateway Kiaramas
Corporate Suite, Level 1
No. 1, Jalan Desa Kiara
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603 6201 3999
+603 6201 1611



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