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20 February 2014,

Innovations by Hitachi result in air-conditioners that do so much more than just cooling us down and keeping us comfortable during warm weather.


The air-conditioner has come a very long way since it was first invented and applied in ancient Egypt. Once considered to be a luxury item that only the affluent could afford to have in their homes, the air-conditioner is now one of the most widely used electrical appliances in the modern world.

Hitachi, the leading home appliance brand in Malaysia, believes that the air-conditioner can do so much more while cooling us down and keeping us comfortable during warm weather. The triple air purification system, an original system developed by Hitachi for its range of air-conditioners, consists of three key features – Stainless Clean, Nano Titanium Wasabi Air Purifying Filter and UV Fresh. These air-cleaning components are meticulously engineered to work synergistically to reduce dust and unpleasant odour, as well as to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria in the air.

On top of keeping the air clean, Hitachi air-conditioners are also proven to be extremely efficient in minimising the use of energy. By using the All DC Inverter, Hitachi air-conditioners are capable of cooling down a room quickly with minimal electricity usage. Studies show that Hitachi air-conditioners save up to 50% of precious energy and resources without compromising cooling power. This is because the Heat Exchanger found in Hitachi compressors, together with the specially designed blades of the unique Super Big Outdoor Fan, is able to deliver maximum cooling capacity while maintaining extremely quiet operations and optimum power efficiency.

In line with its campaign promise of being a brand that people can rely on, Hitachi is the only air-conditioner brand in Malaysia that offers a 10-year warranty on its outdoor compressors and a 2-year general warranty.

Specifications listed may vary by model.
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