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Charming Simplicity: SQFT Space Design Management

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With its spacious configuration, a sense of sleek simplicity prevails in this home accompanied by vibrant details that bring in a personal touch.

While the design approach of this home designed by SQFT Space Design Management Sdn. Bhd. is established on a dreamy white canvas; exceptional details breathe life into its monochromatic palette.

The living room is a superb expression of this meticulous treatment of textures against tones.

Anchored by a chic dining set, a minimalist theme is prevalent in the dining area.

A few steps away, the open kitchen is exquisitely done using light wood against dark timber finishing.

The master bed is set against a solid light-coloured headboard.

Across the bed, the vanity table is set on the opposite wall that accommodates the TV.

In the double-bed room, the beds are tucked into a well-designed niche made from wood frames to create a capsule-like area with space above for play and rest.

. In another bedroom, a light wood headboard with yellow stripes on either side brightens up the room while creating a soft and serene effect.

. In the girl’s room, a yellow moon-like headboard matches with the cloud cut-outs on the light green walls, reflecting a tropical dream theme.

Featured in iD iNdesign magazine vol.91

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