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Converging Worlds: Surface R

by chxadmin

This subtly post-industrial décor is delicately accented with the artful use of wooden elements and decorations to reflect the natural world.

Decorated by Surface R, this home presents an eclectic assembly of moods ranging from the industrial to the tropical, weaved together with an underlying casual vibe. The open layout of this home is rendered in pale architectural finishes: cream floor tiles and whitewashed brick walls meld with a length of glossy white cabinetry spanning the dining and cooking spaces. Colour is introduced with a few select decorations, including a piece of digitally-coloured pop art hanging on a background of whitewashed brick titled “Highlights of the New York Skyline”.

Industrial Charm: The receiving lounge features walls of white-washed brick, a decorative wall feature seemingly composed of concrete panels.

A dose of life is added to the centre of the open layout, contained within glass panes and a frame of black square pipes, a branch from a mature Tectona grandis (teak) tree is rooted and held within a pot in the enclosed air well. The element of the slow-growing tropical hardwood is echoed in the distinct grains of the dining furniture, the wood-accented shelving, doors, and treads of the staircase leading to the upper level. Wood is exchanged for metallic accents across the kitchens: the walls of the wet kitchen are rendered in bare cement – while the backsplash of the dry kitchen is decked with a brickwork configuration of glossy white tiles to match the all-white cabinetry and to echo the whitewashed brick on the other end of the open layout.

Captivating Finishes: The all-white cabinetry, the imperceptible granules in the light tan countertop, along with the uninterrupted planes of exposed cement, white tile, and reflective metal belie a lush exterior.

The pale shades of the ground level are replaced with warmer tones in the private spaces of this home – while brick walls on the ground floor were represented by whitewashed materials or glossy white tiles laid in an arrangement to resemble bricks, the brick wall in the upper seating lounge is composed of conventional red clay bricks. The pale floor tiles of the lower level are also exchanged in favour of the warming tones of wood.

Nature Transported: Foliage is contained in a nearby box of glass, while shades of wood permeate the foreground of the adjoining dining and kitchen spaces.

Behind doors disguised as decorative murals of chalk, a bedroom and study are decked in wood on the floors and blue-grey shades on the walls, the neutral palettes of these private spaces are lined with dark frames of minimalist style for a distinctly masculine result.

Personalised Portals: The array of doors in the entertainment lounge and the sliding closet doors in the study uniquely serve as blackboards for evolving murals drawn in chalk.

Surface R
25-1, Jalan Mahogani 5
Bandar Botanic Capital
41200 Klang
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

+603 3323 4679
+603 3323 4195
art.surface@gmail.com / admin@surface-r.com

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