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Charming Château: Hue Interiors

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Few classically-inspired interiors achieve a delicate balance of lightness and opulence as demonstrated in this home.

Only visits to some of the most renowned classical residences of antiquity could have prepared a naïve eye for the grand sights to be seen in this home decorated by Hue Interiors. The entrance leads into a sheltered alcove and onto a wide expanse of marbled stone flooring, with unrepeated wisps of brown streaking across the stately seating lounge and up the walls above the grand staircase. Raised on the spacious quarter landing of the stairway is a bowed arrangement of windows taking after the impressive frontage of colonial mansions, while a magnificent multi-tiered crystal chandelier appoints the stairwell and seating lounge from the double-height ceiling.

Majestic Mansion: The extravagant dimensions on the ground floor of this home afford the receiving parlour with a double-height ceiling, utilised to fit a generous Victorian-style staircase alongside a colonial mansion’s curved arrangement of windows.

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The open layout of the ground floor is divided by a false wall hosting shelving space directly beneath the overhang of the staircase landing. An extra-length L-shaped sofa set takes advantage of the wide space to subdivide the foyer from the seating lounge, leaving ample room for a sizable carpet. A pair of suede armchairs completes the arrangement with upholstery in a shade of cream to match the sofa and to complement the brown architectural finishes.

The predominately brown palette is continued down the hall in the dining space, where the seamless marbled floor transitions to diagonally-oriented bordered tiles. The pale shade of the floor tiles is complemented by the off-white walls, while the dark brown of the borders is echoed in the drapery. While the seating lounge presents classical lighting fixtures hanging over modern furnishings, the dining space contains an inverse arrangement of styles. A circular dining table composed of marbled stone is accompanied by brass tacked upholstery of classical influence while a modern lighting fixture hangs overhead. This convergence of style is similarly expressed in the adjoining dry kitchen – where a casual dining setting is joined by brass tacked leather upholstery, enveloped by pastel green cabinetry, and punctuated by modern hanging pendant lights.

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The interplay between modern designs, classical influences, and rural elements is continued in the kitchen and bedrooms – albeit with the palette reversed. Marbled stone and aged wood are implemented as accents against backgrounds in cream to affect rural décors. The wet kitchen is bedecked in light shades – laminate flooring mimicking aged wood and pale stone on walls blended with classically detailed cabinets painted in white to create a kitchen seemingly transported from the countryside.

Country Kitchen: The culinary space is bestowed a countryside vibe with a mostly off white palette expressed in the cream walls behind the stone façade, porcelain tiles resembling aged wood, classical detailing to cabinets, and sunny portals to the outdoors.

In the various bedrooms, wallpapers with subtle pinstripes or intricate floral motifs are used to evoke imagery of rural living alongside wood floors and walls panelled in marbled stone.

Seamless Stone: The staircase landing and nearby bathroom on the upper floor present seamless expanses of porcelain tiles bearing the veins of marbled stone.

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Expansion by Colour: The relatively compact bedroom and en-suite bathroom are made to appear wider by the saturation of nearly every available plane in white and off-white shades.

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Intricate Patterns: A shared bedroom features intricately adorned walls with floral-patterned and pin-striped wallpaper, while the adjoining bathroom presents the unpolished lines of wood and stone

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Classical Details: The modern furnishings and fixtures of this conjoined bedroom and seating lounge are brought to extravagant heights with an abundance of classical accents adorning the walls and cabinetry.

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Luxurious Facilities: This bedroom features a wide enough space for a dedicated walk-in wardrobe along with a decadent en-suite bathroom equipped with a corner tub fit for two.

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