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BKKDW 2020: CEA Showcases Bangkok Design Week 2020 to Stimulate Continuous Growth of Creative Economy


The Creative Economy Agency (Public Organization) or CEA promotes Bangkok Design Week 2020 as one of the mega-events to enhance the sustainable growth of the creative economy.

The third edition of BKKDW is held under the theme: “Resilience: New Potential for Living”, showcasing ideas to prepare Bangkok for whatever the future brings. Currently taking place in Bangkok from 1-9 February, the BKKDW2020 expands new creative venues to celebrate Bangkok’s status as one of the members in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Mr. Apisit Laistrooglai, Director of the Creative Economy Agency or CEA said that the creative economy is an economic development that is based on the interplay between people’s use of knowledge, creativity, and intellectual property. The activities link with cultural foundations, wisdom, technology, and innovation, in the interest of creating new products and services to add value to the economy. Today, many countries are shifting directions towards new economic models, particularly the creative economy. With the existing knowledge that combines with creativity, technology and innovation towards the development of products and services, it can lead to a massive increase in the economic value.

According to Mr. Apisit, Charoenkrung was selected as the main venue for the past two editions of BKKDW due to these key factors:
– Tourism – Charoenkrung is home to many historical establishments, for example, the Grand Postal Building at the Central Post Office where TCDC is located, Siam Commercial Bank – Talad Noi Office which is the first Thai bank, the nineteenth-century neoclassical Customs House, and 100-year-old Haroon Mosque, to name a few;
– New investment – Private sectors are developing a number of new businesses in Charoenkrung including boutique hotels, art galleries (there are more than ten art galleries in the area), as well as venues for creative events such as Warehouse 30;
– Community development – Local businesses in Charoenkrung are transforming their traditional products and services to adapt to the new business environment and create value-added to their business. These are examples of the development which is driven through strong collaboration among public, private, and community sectors in Charoenkrung, making the concept of the creative economy clearer every year.

The festival is organised by the CEA in partnership with over 60 state agencies, public organisations, academia and international institutions, as well as 2,000 designers and creative business entrepreneurs who join forces to explore ideas to create new capabilities for Bangkok.

The festival comprises of five key activities:
(1) Showcase & Exhibition: Showcases and exhibitions that display design processes and new technologies by designers and creative businesses, to introduce different ways to improve quality of life in multiple levels: from people, community, business to the city. Highlights include “Bangkok #Safezone Shelter” and “Everlasting Forest by GC”.
(2) Talk & Workshop: Creative talks and workshops by thinkers, creators, and designers. Learn how to design sustainably based on reducing, selecting and cycling resources which finally makes a positive impact on people in the city. Highlights include “7 Wonders Of Business Resilience” and “Bangkok Design Week 2020 Powered by PechaKucha”.
(3) Creative District: The project promotes Charoenkrung as a Creative District that supports both commercial activities and community wellbeing. It is a prototype for creative area development which leads to practical use. Highlights include “MADE IN CHAROENKRUNG”.
(4) Event & Program: Live music, film screenings, art shows, performances and open house activities will be featured to celebrate Bangkok’s creativity.
(5) Creative Market: The event showcases a creative market for new and veteran entrepreneurs for building business opportunities, networks, and market channels. Highlights include: Pinkoi Market in Bangkok 2020 that gathers design works from more than 50 design studios from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia. ThaiGa Creative Market 2020 that showcases design items from local creators and design studios and; Meta Food market that showcases how creativity can be applied to food and beverage from the ideas to the production.

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