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Best Ecological Paint Solution for the Home

by chxadmin

Graphenstone paints and coatings feature innovative qualities including thermal conductivity, greater toughness, flexibility, strength and uniformity, thanks to their advanced graphene technology.

Renowned as the world’s first global manufacturer of the most advanced ecological mineral and natural paints, Graphenstone uses exclusive graphene technology featuring graphene fibres which provide excellent qualities including thermal conductivity, greater toughness, flexibility, strength and also acts as a structural support mesh at the molecular level of the paint. All these key features translate into greater durability and therefore lower maintenance, as well as very significant cost-savings.

Ecological Paint with the Highest Certification
Graphenstone is the first paint in the world with the Cradle to Cradle’s GOLD Certificate, which is now the most demanding worldwide sustainable product certification. The brand also holds the Global Green Tag’s PLATINUM Health Rate Certification; the Eurofins VOC Emission’s Indoor Air Comfort GOLD Certification; the Australian Asthma Council’s APPROVED Sensitive Choice Certification as an asthma-friendly paint; and many other certifications throughout the world.

Paint and Occupy at the Same Time
Graphenstone paints are odourless (free of strong and unpleasant synthetic chemical odours); free from VOCs and contain no solvents, formaldehyde or other toxic emissions; therefore, premises can be occupied when these paints are being applied. No paint odour will get into or remain in the centralised air-conditioning system; thus spaces can be occupied and used during or immediately after painting.

Cost-Savings Up to 20% Per Sqm
While Graphenstone offers a plethora of advantages and benefits compared to other premium products in the market, very significant cost-savings can still be achieved

For more details, please visit website: www.graphenstone.my; Facebook page: Graphenstone Malaysia or call Graphenstone/Buimaco Customer Care at +603 7885 0791(Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)., Buimaco Ara Jaya Showroom at +6016 6626 101 (Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm) or Buimaco Subang Jaya Showroom at +6016 6626 085 (Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm)

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