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Bold Colours and Quirky Accents Set Off a Vibrant Vibe in this Condo

by creativehomex

In its own unique way, this condo designed by Artillia Renovation + Furniture showcases a galore of intriguing details that blur the line between classic and quirky.

“Inexorable.” That’s how the design team from Artillia Renovation + Furniture describes the interior concept for this 1,810 sqft condo unit. At first impression, the concept is subtle, but a deeper dive into its interior spaces will unveil the inspiration behind the stylistic outcome of this home. Like its description, the spaces are inexorable – or ceaselessly constant in terms of style and spatial ambience.

The condo’s eclectic style starts in the living room where eye-catching furniture pieces by Klass Masyhur Sdn Bhd imbue the space with an individualistic theme. A contemporary grey sofa is complemented by a pair of rattan armchairs on one side and a sensual purple chair on the other. Adding on to the dynamic configuration is a custom-made feature wall that combines white and wood surfaces.

Behind the sofa is a cosy dining space anchored by a sleek dark table and a set of four chairs upholstered in green. On the facing wall comprising dark panelling, an abstract painting captures attention immediately while a futuristic-looking pendant lamp with a cascade of rectangles completes the space.

Adjacent to the living area is the dry kitchen which features a composition of solid and polished tones. A dark-coloured palette is still evident here, but it is balanced by the reflective surfaces on the kitchen cabinets. A central kitchen island creates a sense of order while kitchen appliances are tucked neatly into the built-in cabinets. Behind the mirrored wall is the wet kitchen which takes on a lighter tone to maintain a spacious look.

Throughout the main area of the living spaces, the designers kept the interior treatment cohesive by using a series of panels that continuously wrap around the walls and hidden storage systems across the living spaces. White panels are used for the walls near the entrance and feature wall, while dark panels at the dining and hallway offset the palette with a touch of contrast. Lighting by I My Home Lighting Signature also plays an important role to generate a consistent relaxing mood.

The dark tones from the panels transition to a brighter effect when the doors of the bedrooms are opened. In the master bedroom, gold and black motifs on the headboard stand out against the pitch black wall. Purple soft furnishing and a plush brown lounge soften the atmosphere to create a romantic and cosy setting. Next to it, an open bathroom surrounded by glass walls evokes a contemporary theme that blends in with the overall theme.

Finally, for the guest bedroom, a bright green wall and artsy decorative accents bring out a cheerful look. Everything else is kept simple and minimal, which works perfectly to give the room a sense of comfort and serenity.

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