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Linear Functions: The Roof Studio

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Eye-catching lines on the walls and tailored details lend a wow factor to this home designed on a minimalist foundation of solid forms.

This home may take on a simple and minimalist layout, but The Roof Studio has ingeniously given it a personalized touch by incorporating dramatic lines, bold forms and trendy colours. Upon opening the front door, a stylish ambience beckons, leading instantly towards the chic living room. A white sofa contrast against the pitch-black carpeting while complementing the grey TV wall and a mustard yellow armchair on the side. Bright blue pillows further accentuate the lively theme, while drawing the eyes towards the blue panelled walls with diagonal lines on the side.

We see this artistic approach repeated in a different manner at the dining area’s feature wall next to the sliding door that opens out to the balcony. For this feature wall, white and blue strips are coloured over a mirror surface. A sturdy wood slab table and benches give the space a grounded touch, matching with the wood detailing within the kitchen island adjacent to it. Here, a thick wood plank is placed atop the black countertop, creating a breakfast bar.

For the open kitchen, white cabinets are custom-made to accommodate the shiny appliances, creating a cohesive modern look. Curvilinear lighting above offers a futuristic appearance to counter the strong lines that make up the feature walls. In the wet kitchen, white cabinets are also employed to bring out the dark toned reflective backsplash and the tiles on the floor featuring black and blue geometric motifs.

Moving on to the master bedroom, the upholstered headboard creates a lush atmosphere. On the side is a spacious walk in wardrobe with an open shelving system. Other bedrooms accommodate a bright and cheerful theme as well. For example, in one of the guest bedrooms, the headboard is painted yellow to contrast with the light wood panel; while in another, the room is kept to a chic grey and white palette. Rooms also feature tailor made shelving to enhance the overall theme.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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