Home Bathroom An 8,000 Sqft Bungalow with a Galore of Creative Details: Armarior

An 8,000 Sqft Bungalow with a Galore of Creative Details: Armarior

by creativehomex

Well-composed in a highly sophisticated way, the spaces in this bungalow are perfectly styled to achieve a sense of order and elegance.

A classic meets modern theme is prevalent in this 8,000 sqft bungalow designed to set off a lived-in yet luxurious look. Wood is given a starring role amidst a soothing palette of creamy whites and lush textures while polished surfaces balance out the strategically placed interior details.

The home’s unique style is immediately apparent in the living room, where an ultra-cosy white sofa set evokes a well composed atmosphere. Set in a double volume space, the seating area faces a handsome wood feature wall which ascends all the way to the ceiling.

Next to the living area, the dining room is anchored by a solid round table complemented by six wood chairs. A pantry area decked in warm wood is placed on the adjacent wall. On the opposite side, a timber partition with vertical strips envelopes the space into a cosy room that the owners can used for informal and casual dining.

In the kitchen, dark wood cabinetry brings forth an elegant appeal while shiny backsplashes offset the dark tones with a polished effect. Appliances are neatly tucked into the built-in cabinets to achieve a clean and clutter-free environment. Natural light streams through the large windows by the sink to give the space a warm and welcoming feel.

Stronger elements are used in family hall upstairs to create a sophisticated look. The walls are done up in terracotta-toned brick finishing to match the sleek timber flooring. A beige leather sofa is placed against the wall on one side, while on the other wall is a flat screen TV.

Similar tones are seen in the master bedroom – but the designer has opted for a more subtle approach in the form of solid dark wood headboard wall and lighter toned wood finishing.

Next to the master bedroom, a private home cinema is incorporated using the same sophisticated style.

In the second bedroom, a gentler palette comprising beiges and light wood is used. To complement the bed, a custom-made wood headboard extends into a pair of bedside tables with underlighting while on the side wall, the designer has included a dressing table constructed from the same wood materials.

In the third bedroom, the headboard wall is given a concrete-like finishing to infuse the room with a modern ambience.

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