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by creativehomex

TAKE A TOUR in this exclusively designed five-bedroom villa located in the model city of intelligence, Cyberjaya. Upon stepping in, one is instantly greeted by a breathtaking palette of lush creams and urban greys, sensuous ambient lighting and statement furniture pieces. Not only that, natural materials like travertine, marble and rich hardwood are used extensively throughout the interior, providing an uplifting connection between the occupant and Mother Nature herself. Walls that only consist of floor-to-ceiling windows allow an abundance of natural daylight to flow through the spaces and also provide an amazing view of young trees and lush greenery outdoors.



The living and dining spaces are the epitome of contemporary elegance. A streamlined white L-shape sofa, beige area rug, low coffee table and a collection of sculptural pottery are all that are needed for one to socialize and relax while in the dining space, an interestingly designed dark wood table is flanked by six low-leveled beige chairs. This look is tied together by a plain yet luxurious shag rug and a neo-classical chandelier where its lampshades are the matching shade of the table below.

Moving on to the bedrooms, one will definitely be impressed by their ultra-luxe boutique look, complete with shimmering draperies and sumptuous beds. Walls are also not spared as they are lovingly cloaked in deep, mesmerizing hues and textures which cast a lovely ambient when softly illuminated by tasteful bedside lamps nearby. All in all, these spaces are truly designed for the stylish at heart.



Interior design firm
Nice-Style Refurbishment Sdn Bhd






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