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Shades of Calm: IQI Concept

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Soothing dark neutrals envelope the key areas of this home, engendering a suave effect that puts a timeless quality into this contemporary abode.

A sleek white-veined marble feature wall, cool blues for the bedrooms, and luscious shades and carpeting all around. While these features are seen in different spaces, the combination of these elements gives rise to a sophisticated yet tranquil atmosphere in this 1,788 sqft home.

The serene feeling begins at the front door that opens into the chic living room where the marble feature wall and dark-coloured sofa are seen. A dark-coloured rug is used to further infuse the effect, while a lone grey rocking chair towards the windows anchor in the cosy factor. The opposite wall is painted a warm grey tone to offset the other darker-toned features. Floors are kept to its original beige colour and doors are framed with white borders to add in a balancing contrast.

At the dining area, the timber slab dining table makes an excellent conversation piece. Surrounded by cosy wood-framed chairs, the setting is warm and welcoming. With the adjacent kitchen next to it, done up in sleek creamy white surfaces, a pleasant feeling ensues, making one feel completely at home. The owner also included a wet kitchen – a truly functional space that incorporates a laundry area next to the cookspace. The space receives ample natural light from the windows, creating a bright space to do chores in.

The bedrooms are all furnished with a distinctive sense of cosiness using a cohesive palette. The master bedroom stands out with its black highlights and wood-dominant theme. The headboard matches the dark-coloured wardrobes while wood-toned flooring complements the TV cabinet and bay window seat.

The second and third bedrooms, however, features two different shades of blue. The boy’s room uses a darker blue for its surrounding walls, enhanced further by grey drapes and blue bedding. The girl’s room is enhanced by different accessories against a backdrop of light blue. To create a sense of privacy, the designers placed the bed on top of a raised wood platform, resulting in a personal space that’s brimming with warmth.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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