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Stylish Vibes: 5 Ways to Style Your Living Room

by chxadmin

Perhaps you’ve come across our pointers on incorporating artful decorations or storage into living rooms, and now find yourself wondering about how to assemble a décor to impress – if that’s the case, take a look at these five ways to create a stylish living room.

Asiatic Modernity

Interior design by: Design Integra

A neutral palette is applied to the background of this seating lounge, rendered dark with the addition of wood in dusky shades across the wall and ceiling. Appointing the modern furnishings and architectural features are a collection of elements inspired by Oriental aesthetics: an oil-on-canvas depiction of Japanese carp in a feeding frenzy is framed in straight edges and cool white light, a fabric lampshade mimics the furls of the ghost fungi, and a prosperously-bellied laughing Buddha is playfully juxtaposed with the busts of characters conceived on the other side of the planet.

Studio Vibe

Interior design by: Sachi Interior Design

An otherwise ordinary seating lounge furnished with highly versatile modern furnishings is given the personality of an urban art studio with the addition of curated decorations – a cropped reproduction of Audrey Hepburn’s visage, a Warhol-esque array of lips, and a standing light fixture appointed with a light-diffusing parasol speak of the resident’s affinity for photography.

Transitional Effects

Interior design by: Metrics Global

Where other living rooms dressed in modern style may appear nearly indistinguishable from each other, this seating lounge differentiates itself with a length of full-height mirrors that reflect the classical trim on the surrounding walls. Sprinklings of outdoor elements soften the straight-edged architectural finishes and contemporary furnishings to bridge the gap between modernity and the old world.

Diverse Influences

Interior Design by: Nice Style Refurbishment

An escapade from the compact nature of urban homes is constructed with the depictions of wood over a background of brick in an expansive decorative wall feature. Opposing this length of wall is a relatively plain image painted with a monochromatic palette to achieve a décor connecting elements of minimalism with the countryside.

Eclectic Arrangement

Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

Looking for something different? Elements of seemingly disparate influences converge on this seating lounge in idiosyncratic fashion. A lone armchair upholstered in a patchwork of patterned fabrics focuses attention on the prevailing theme, with the shades of orange and blue brought to the foreground in the shade of upholstery of the other seating furniture.

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