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6 Stunning Bedroom Feature Walls for an Eye-Catching Effect

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A bedstead framed with a decorative feature wall provides an additional layer of shade and texture to create a luxurious and comforting ambiance that simply cannot be matched by a plain wall.

An unadorned bedroom offers little more comfort than a communal dormitory with walls devoid of personalised imagery. For those who have found themselves having to contend with a distinctly bare bedstead, surrounded by an overabundance of empty space that inadvertently draws attention to the stark contrast between your choice of headboard and the plain white wall behind it – a decorative feature may be the very thing needed to make that bedroom yours.

Interior design by: Design Base

Incorporating a decorative feature wall into any space requires some forward planning, not just to ensure that the selected materials complement the décor, but also for the consideration of any added lighting and ventilating fixtures. To inspire your next decorative feature wall, we assembled some of our favourite designs for your reference here.

Differing Shades

Interior design by: GDY Design & Construction

The simplest expression of creativity in a decorative feature wall can be achieved by positioning elements of different colours next to each other. While other colour combinations can be used to bold effect, a feature wall can be subtly expressed using just two shades of the neutral palette, with a central element of grey framed on either side with panels in beige for definition. The absence of complicated patterns on such a feature wall would be ideally suited for modern and minimalist interiors.

Interior design by: GDY Design & Construction

Creative Expression

Interior design by: Soul Frame Design

Instead of adding another layer to the bedroom wall for a decorative feature, as the addition of a wall façade or decorative panel mounted on the wall occupies floor space, the feature wall of small bedrooms can be composed of painted murals or framed artwork. The result is a truly unique decorative feature that lends the ambiance a dose of eccentricity that and can be modified to suit to match changing moods.

Interior design by: Soul Frame Design

Decorative Alcove

Interior design by: Deseo Creativo

With some space to spare, a decorative feature wall adorned with even the simplest geometry can be taken to stunning heights in combination with a recessed ceiling in modern and minimalist interiors. Incorporating a full-height decorative feature wall that melds with a ceiling tray provides an additional plane to decorate and creates a comforting alcove over the bed.

Illuminated Panels

Interior design by: Zids Design

Whatever the choice of material or design you decide on for your decorative feature wall, the presentation can be given a luxurious flair with the addition of lit accents bordering the central elements. Framing a decorative feature wall in light serves to increase its visual prominence and provides the bedroom with an indirect form of lighting. The lighting accents can be boxed in transparent materials for a dimmer result, or simply placed within recesses to provide a mounted panel with more depth.

Window Framed

Interior design by: Latitude Design

After space, the next most valuable commodity of homes would be uninterrupted views of the outside world. If your bedroom is blessed with an abundance of windows, consider incorporating them into the design of your feature wall. Although framing a decorative feature wall in windows is a difficult arrangement to achieve, with some custom carpentry and architectural tweaking, the result is a breath-taking view every time you wake up.

Interior design by: Latitude Design

Marbled Stone

Interior design by: Hoe & Yin Design Studio

Rather than focusing on the design of decorative elements, one could just hand the task of artistic expression back to nature with a panel of cut stone mounted on heavy-duty brackets. The natural shades and marbled veins of stone create presentations that are often just as mystifying as the brushstrokes of abstract paintings, making this form of decoration equally suitable for modern or classical interiors.

Interior design by: Hoe & Yin Design Studio

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