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Beat the Bedroom Heat with These Designer Tips

by creativehomex

With the weather becoming increasingly warmer, many homeowners may be finding it particularly difficult to keep their homes cool, especially during the night. During a heatwave, one of the last places you want to feel uncomfortably hot is in the bedroom, especially when you are trying to get a restful sleep.

To help ensure that your bedroom feels light and airy and minimise the impacts of overheating, Andrew Chinn, Designer at Neville Johnson shared some helpful tips ranging from streamlining your space to increase airflow, to utilising lighter colours:

“During a heatwave, it is important that our bedrooms feel light and airy to minimise the impacts of overheating. An easy way to prevent this from happening is keeping our bedroom spaces clutter free as much as possible, as having too many lose and bulky items can restrict airflow, causing the room temperature to rise. This can be particularly tricky for those with smaller bedroom spaces, or for those sharing a room and so having organisation and storage solutions is key,” Chinn advised.

He suggested that fitted furniture can be a great solution for not only streamlining your space, but for also creating stylish, dedicated homes for your belongings. Fitted wardrobes and bedroom islands in particular can provide a functional area which lets light in and allows the air to circulate.

There is also nothing more calming than letting the natural light grace your home through the windows. However, this is often the cause of our bedrooms overheating. Closing your blinds or curtains during the daytime to minimise any light from heating the room will help ensure a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

“What’s more, lighter colours tend to absorb less heat, whereas, darker colours such as black, will take in light which can increase the temperature in our living spaces. Opting for lighter colours in the bedroom, when it comes to furnishings and fixtures, will not only make a space feel spacious and airy, but will also help regulate the room temperature,” he said.

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