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Wonder Walls: 6 Stunning Decorative Wall Styles to Inspire You

by chxadmin

Whether you are aiming for a contemporary touch, elegant finish or a minimalist look, decorative walls have the power to infuse homes with a unique finishing touch. We rounded up three distinctive interior designers to show you how different decorative wall styles can give your spaces that awe-inspiring wow factor.

Artistic Appeal
The main walls in these two room have been turned into wonderful art-inspired focal points. In the dining room, an eye-catching art poster stands out against the bright blue wall to give the neutral space a strong sense of style. In the bathroom, it’s interesting how the designers have turned the walls above the WC into a modern classic feature using sculptural pieces, drawing the eyes away from the bathroom fittings.

Natural Beauty
If you would like to keep to a consistent warm and neutral outlook, these garden-inspired wall ideas will help you to do just that. For the courtyard space, hive-like decorative features span vertically along the double-storey walls, successfully creating a modern inside-out atmosphere. In another project, side walls adorned with natural wood panels and pockets of green foliage envelope the cosy corner, resulting in a sophisticated nature-inspired space.

Design by: Nu Infinity

Design by: Nu Infinity

Special Effects
For those who want something really unique and bold, consider giving your walls an extraordinary touch using special effect or textured paint. In the living room below, the walls are awashed with a watercolour effect to match the bright blue and yellow furnishing. In another home where classic elegance take the lead, the feature wall which is handpainted with strokes of turquoise adds in a touch of glam to the space.

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