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5 Best Citrus Presses in Malaysia for Fresh Juices

by chxadmin

Your mornings won’t be the same after being served fresh orange juice rendered from cut orange halves in front of your eyes. While it may seem like that experience is limited to continental breakfasts at Michelin-starred hotel restaurants, having a citrus press in your kitchen will elevate your mornings to a similar degree. If your breakfast feels incomplete without that glass of orange juice, you may be in need of a citrus press – fortunately we have listed our top five picks here for your perusal.

Breville Citrus Press

Image Credit: KitchenOne

While the Breville brand may be more synonymous with the sandwich maker, the Breville Citrus Press™ is a winner of the RedDot design award in 2015 and set to become another ubiquitous icon of our time with the blending of manual press and motorised juicer. The Citrus Press’ lever enables the manual pressing of citrus halves with as little effort as a single finger, while the Quadra-Fin™ cone made of BPA-free and shatterproof Tritan plastic spins against citrus halves and puts juice through a stainless steel pup filter.

Kenwood Citrus Juicer

Image Credit: Kenwood

With over 70 years of experience in the kitchen, Kenwood provides a juicer with features that ease the processes of juicing and cleaning up. Made entirely of dishwasher-safe parts, this juicer contains a 60-watt bidirectional motor that drives the two-way rotation of the versatile juicing cone and a fully-transparent one-litre jug that lets you see exactly how much juice you have accumulated before serving.

Kuvings Citrus Press

Image Credit: Kuvings

From Kuvings, a South Korean brand of kitchen appliances formally known as NUC Electronics, comes the Citrus Press attachment – which fits over the Kuvings BR6000 series of Whole Slow Juicers. For those who prefer the relatively immediate results of a regular press juicer over the pulp-preserving masticating varieties, the Citrus Press enables one to hold citrus halves against the rotating cone without getting hands sticky with juice.

Philips Daily Collection Citrus Press

Image Credit: Philips

While all other juicers appear to be behemoths of complicated machinery, the Citrus Press from Philips’ Daily Collection of kitchen appliances is the smallest possible variation of the electric juicer. Made portable with its diminutive size, the power-saving 25-watt motor drives a rotating cone and pulp filter in two directions, putting juice into a semi-transparent 0.4-litre capacity jug – and when all is done, the cone and reservoir can be stacked into a dishwasher for cleanup.

Smeg Citrus Juicer

Image Credit: Smeg

Made to complement Smeg’s other retro-styled kitchen appliances (such as their kettle), this 70-watt juicer comes dishwasher-safe components made of stainless steel or BPA-free Tritan plastic. The uncomplicated motor rotates the stainless steel cone clockwise, rendering juice as soon as mild pressure is detected, and the die-cast aluminium body is available with powder-coated finishes in black, cream, pink, and red, in addition to pastel blue or green.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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