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Vividly Arboreal: Beverly Home

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A comforting layer of wood, embellished with modern lines, envelops this condominium.

For anyone more accustomed to the hallmarks of an urban landscape, a generous expanse of wood represents an awe-inspiring sight. Decorated by Beverly Home, this condominium presents such an expanse on the floors to serve as the base for the neutral coloured walls and ceilings. The result is a delectably warm décor that bridges the gap between the stringent urban aesthetics of our time and the lushness of tropical environments.

A painting of cherry blossoms occupies the grey fabric panelled wall of the seating lounge, the feminine floral depiction lending the contemporary space a contrasting measure of Oriental tradition. The sofa set is upholstered in a dusky cream tone to complement the neutral shades occupying the vertical surfaces – with an accompaniment of nesting coffee tables and low, four-legged stools blending into the wood background to minimise the footprint of the seating arrangement.

Calculated Illumination: The placements of lighting seem to have come about through careful determination, resulting in a few discernable fixtures that manage to soak the entire open layout in warm light.

Held up in front of the folding balcony doors by sections of tree trunks, a dining surface seemingly projects from the floor across the open layout. In contrast to the organic forms of the dining table legs, the accompanying chairs feature form-pressed backs composed of wood in a matching shade, with lightly-padded seats upholstered in blue fabric to evoke imagery of the natural skyline in low-lying countryside environments.

A faux archway is constructed from of wood panels to separate the dining space from the kitchen – where the arboreal theme is relegated to the background in order to make way for matte grey cabinetry and an intricate floral motif on the backsplash. The incorporation of an island provides an additional work surface at the centre of the kitchen, with both its countertop and reflective front face serving to extend the wood theme into the foreground of the neutral-coloured space.

Culinary Alcove: The kitchen space is set apart from the rest of the open layout with the incorporation of grey cabinetry and an intricate floral motif on the backsplash.

The slightly darker and more homogenous wood utilised in the faux archway and the entertainment wall in the seating lounge converge on the plain white plaster ceiling, represented in the blades of the Omega ceiling fan from NSB. The exercise of creating a visual apex for the wide-spread wood tones to converge upon is repeated in the master bedroom – which features a reproduction of the artful Artemis fan by Minka-Aire hanging from the centre of a circular plaster ceiling, its uniquely twisted blades made from a similar shade of wood as the floor.

Visual Convergence: The predominant tones in this master bedroom converge on the distinctively twisted wooden blades of the Artemis fan by Minka-Aire.

Personalising Shades: The prevailing theme seen throughout the rest of the home takes a backseat in this shared bedroom to enable the injection of blue into the bedspreads.

Technical Expertise

With a characteristic fondness for transitional style and customised fittings, Beverly Home has been elevating the interiors of hotels and other commercial properties for nearly two decades. Their residential projects are built around in-house formulated design concepts, completed with the necessary technical considerations that typically go hand-in-hand with high quality architecture, construction, carpentry, in addition to mechanical and electrical fittings.

From left to right: Ang Wai Wah, Ivein Poh, Wayne Ng, Low Yet Yen, and Sabariah
Venue: King Koil Boutique @ IPC Mall
Photographer: Gavin Yam

Beverly Home
No.52-54, 5 1/2 Miles
Jalan Kelang Lama
Kampung Pasir
58000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+603 7782 7128
+603 7783 0128

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