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With its energetic ambience, playful vibe and spacious workout areas, this gym puts fun into its function.

A gym with an unconventional concept, Lighthouse combines fitness and fun under one roof. To comply with this concept, GI Design implemented a colourful and vibrant palette into the gym’s interior, complemented by visually-interesting details. “At the LightHouse, fitness meets fun in our signature indoor group personal-training experiences where you’ll get high energy, fun, and challenging workouts designed to burn maximum fat and tone your entire body in only 45 minutes,” the gym says.

Right from the front entrance, the radiant theme is immediately apparent. The windows are decked in rainbow-coloured prints which bring out the black and white signage of the gym. As you step in, a cosy atmosphere welcomes visitors and members. An all-white setting is employed for the reception area. Next to it is the discussion area featuring a display of the gym’s t-shirts for sale on the wall. From here, the space leads visitors through a minimalist hallway before arriving at the main workout spaces.

Different workout areas are furnished with different colour themes. In one of the strength training areas, the space is kept open with dark flooring and walls painted in dark tones. Wall mural in bright colours give the area a lively and playful vibe. Equipment stored on the side and placed around the space offers easy accessibility. In another training area, the white walls are painted with maroon and orange geometric shapes. The colourful approach used in this gym is aimed at giving members a fun yet functional place to sweat it out.

Lighthouse is fully-facilitated with changing rooms, showers as well as a lounge area. These spaces mirror the entrance area with their sleek and minimalist look achieved using pristine white surfaces. White lockers and cabinets line the walls of the changing room. In the centre, the designers incorporated a partition with mirrors, adding visual depth to the space. Towards the side, sinks sit atop a white countertop while next to it are the shower stalls.

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Featured in iD iNdesign Bumper 2019 vol. 14

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