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Transitional Homage: GI Design

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The distinctly modern exterior of this family home conceals tributes to French classicism on the interior, with subtle pastel accents contributing to an airy countryside ambiance.

From the wood doors adorned with art deco lines at the entrance, traditional wainscoting embellishes the walls and cabinetry, extending to the intricate crown plaster moulding on the ceilings. The seating lounge contains a quartet of identical leather recliners, joined by a reclining sofa and a trapezoidal coffee table of modern design. An interconnected series of stone panels, composed of brown marbled stone akin to dark Emperador, complements the predominately white surroundings and the tan upholstery.

Comforting Symmetry: The seating lounge, saturated in complementary cream and beige tones, presents a comforting exercise in symmetry with a centrally-aligned arrangement of identical furniture pieces.

A circular dining table composed of granite occupies the central position in the open layout, with the arrangement punctuated by an intricate crystal chandelier of classical design hanging overhead. The space is reflected onto itself with the incorporation of a generously sized mirror on a nearby wall – the art deco proportions of the mirror’s border and inset frame creating the illusion of a physical hallway leading to a reflected reality.

The open layout of the ground floor narrows to a galley configuration with a central island in the dry kitchen, the grey cabinetry creating a point of contrast against the largely white architectural finishes while the pale countertops stretch the perceived extents of the adjacent dining space. Beyond the set of glass sliding doors framed in grey, the cabinets of the adjacent wet kitchen are saturated in a combination of buttermilk yellow along the top and white along the bottom, with the classical trim retained in a continuation of the prevailing theme.

Vintage Tastes: The conjoined dry kitchen and dining space is replete with classically inspired finishes and fittings – traditional wainscoting decorates the walls and the front faces of the dry kitchen’s grey cabinets while an intricate chandelier hangs over an antique silver candleholder.


The wood-decked stairway leading to the upper floors presents another ornate chandelier against a backdrop of extra-high windows. The lightly frosted glass panes are embellished with coloured film along the edges in a modern reinterpretation of traditional stained glass windows. The assembly presented in the stairway amounts to a distinctly eclectic arrangement of modern architectural features – such as the steel-framed glass panes, installed in close proximity to iconic classical elements such as the crystal chandelier.

The landing on the upper floor leads to a narrow hallway of wood floors and a continuation of the classic wall trim extending over doors into the bedrooms. The mostly white décor is relaxed in these private spaces, where accents appear in pastel blue, pink, or yellow to complement the classically adorned white plaster ceilings, furnishings, and pale wood floor – resulting in décors resembling the sunny French countryside.

Provincial Shade: The walls of this bedroom are decorated with traditional trim above the chair rail and kept plain below, with the lower field saturated in a shade of buttermilk yellow for levity.

Skyblue Accents: In a continuation of the use of provincial colours in the bedrooms, the cabinetry here is saturated in a shade of blue to evoke imagery of countryside horizons.

Modern Frames: Amidst the distinctly rural décors of the bedrooms, mirrors and transparent glass planes are framed in modern style – with straight lines and perpendicular junctions saturated in lighter colours associated with the countryside.

Feminine Hues: Joining the bedrooms painted in pastel shades of yellow and blue, this bedroom is soaked in a pale pink to affect a distinctly feminine space.

Subtle Signals: While this bedroom relents to modern designs in architectural finishes, a few key elements have been incorporated to extend the transitional theme: clutches of immortal greenery reside in coffee mugs repurposed as improvised pots, while a comically oversized timepiece from an earlier era occupies the bedside.

Rustic Textures: The décor of this bedroom diverges slightly from the overall theme by leaning more towards countryside influences, with a reliance on simulated wood textures on the cabinetry and floors.

Linear Statements: In the small confines of this bedroom, the straight lines and right angles of modern aesthetics are symmetrically applied to form simplistic decorative features on walls and cabinet doors.

Practical Decorators

GI Design demonstrates passion and persistent performance, applied with a team of interior designers uniquely imbued with refreshing ideas, creative solutions, and the requisite professional skills to provide high quality interior design services. In addition to creative and innovative interior design for turnkey installations of various types – including both commercial and residential properties, GI Design can be counted on to faithfully interpret client demands while providing honest, educational, and practical consultation on interior design trends.

From left to right: Teen Soo Jing, Elaine Hwang, Pua Xi Wen, and Isaac Teo
Venue: King Koil Boutique @ IPC Mall
Photographer: Gavin Yam

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