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Dusky Embrace: Zids Design

by chxadmin

The modern convention of saturating compact spaces in the neutral palette is turned on its head to stunning effect.

Zids Design boldly defies convention by saturating the open layout of this compact condominium in the darker side of the neutral palette, relegating white and pale wood to serve as striking accents against a shadowy background. Stepping into this home presents a vast field of black on the walls, stretching to the extent of the windows at the far end of the space, while the opposing length of wall presents lightly treated wood in striking contrast to draw the eye into the core of the home.

The kitchen is simultaneously blended into the background with black cabinetry while being emphasised with a backsplash and a portion of the kitchen island rendered in lightly treated wood matching the quality of wood presented elsewhere in this scene. The same shade of wood is utilised in a protruding dining surface and in the backs of the accompanying chairs, with the arrangement’s location serving to contain the potential chaos of the kitchen within a neat rectangular footprint.

Across the aged wood floor, an area carpet puts a burst of black against a white background to act as distinct demarcation for the seating lounge, with the centre hosting a circular coffee table of black glass and grey fabric. The grey tone is echoed in the upholstery of the sofa set to provide a sense of depth against the plain black wall, while the opposite wall presents decorative accents in the prevailing shade of wood for the same purpose.

Camouflaged Portal: A path to the private spaces of this home lies hidden behind a panel of wood selected to pose as a decorative feature in the background.

A monolith of wood stands in the space between the kitchen and the seating lounge, hiding a hallway into this home’s private spaces behind a near-featureless door that could be mistaken as another decorative feature—if not for the subtle demarcation presented on the lowered ceiling indicating the presence of a cleverly concealed doorway. With the door opened, the lowered ceiling is revealed as the start of a passage and the disguise is replaced with a striking field of white at the end of the hall. Just as a light in the night attracts the eye, the open passage invites a peek into the private spaces.

Achromatic Base: The choice of a shadowy background brings the scant colours of the space to the fore, emphasising the wood tones over the darkness of the walls.

In contrast to the shadowy rendition of the open layout, the pictured bedroom features walls saturated in a shade that is a few degrees lighter than black, floors rendered in cream floor tiles, and a grey bedstead with white sheets—as the entire space is accented with streaks of wood to echo the palette seen on the outside.

Lightened Décor: The bedroom takes on a decidedly lighter tone by retaining the default cream floor tiles and opting for pale wood accents and a lighter grey for the headboard.

ZIDS Design
4544, Jalan Permatang Pauh
Taman Kerapu
13400 Butterworth
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

+604 323 2266
+604 3292 267


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