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Top 5 Built-In Ovens in Malaysia

by chxadmin

We get that slaving over a hot stove to serve up three square meals a day to the whole family can take a lot out of a person, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. To help make cooking at home more of an activity than a task, we took a look at the most dependable brands of kitchen appliances and listed our five favourite built-in ovens here.


Image Credit: Foster

Originating from Italy, Foster is among the leading international premium brands for kitchen appliances and stainless-steel sinks. Across their wide product spectrum, Foster has blended Italian artistry with technology to create appliances of beauty, style and function.

All these qualities have been personified none better than in Foster’s FL One Touch Oven with its integrated soft-close oven door, beautiful anti-fingerprint black mirror glass and colourful touchscreen display. More impressively, the FL One Touch Oven comes pre-loaded with a wide range of recipes to inspire the chef within you, or for the more adventurous, the ovens’ pro-bake function will allow you to create world-class dishes right at home. For all aspiring and professional chefs, look no further than Foster’s FL One Touch! Available from Beaufix.


Image Credit: Beko

From one of the dominant brands of affordable home appliances in Turkey and Europe, comes Beko’s BIM35404XPS built-in oven, which features a proprietary oil-repelling coating and a self-cleaning function that turns grease to ash by heating the oven to 480 degrees Celsius for two hours, reducing the need to scrub down the cavernous 75-litre main cavity, or any of the accompanying fire-safe trays and wire racks.


Image Credit: Bosch

Having previously spent some time looking over the Series 8 built-in oven, we would be remiss in neglecting to mention Bosch’s latest offering in this list. The HRG6769S2B comes highly recommended on account of its energy efficiency, integrated steamer, an extensive preloaded library of recipes, and the ability to clean itself by incinerating accumulated grease.

Lebensstil Kollektion

Image credit: Lebensstil Kollektion

When you need an oven that does more, the European-Made LKBO-8010 electric built-in oven from Lebensstil Kollektion is the perfect model to go for. Many recipes are made possible thanks to its gigantic 80 litres capacity and 9 useful functions. The triple-layer glass door not only makes it one of the most energy efficient oven, but also safe to touch even when baking in high heat. Additionally, the oven door features a Soft-Close and Soft-Open motion so that users can swing the door open or close with ease. Catalytic panels along with steam cleaning function make cleaning this oven a breeze. These features also make sure no unpleasant smells are left behind from previous cooking. Appearance-wise this sleek and streamlined oven elegantly complements contemporary kitchens with its Inox front panel and LED display.

* Brands are listed alphabetically

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