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Top 30 Living Room Feature Walls

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Feature walls are the probably the single largest statement of your home’s décor, which makes their composition crucial. Whether you’re pining for a striking mural or a simplistic modern frame around your television, we’ve got thirty doses of inspiration lined up for you here.

A tropical theme is affected with a reliance on wood grains, depictions of greenery, and tropical scenes transposed onto canvas. Interior design by: A Piece of Art

The feature wall of this seating lounge is deliberately left as featureless as possible, so as not to pull attention away from the display of decoration. Interior design by: Casa Indah Design

The contrast between beige and deep blue is echoed on the decorative feature wall, with a relaxed lean introduced by way of a reflective divide between the wood grains and the marbled stone. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

The decorative wall of this living room is a geometric arrangement of simplistic materials, framed in mirrored panels and accented with light and shadow. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

With the embellishment of a few potted plants, the stone façade of this feature wall effectively transports a piece of rural flavour into this urban home. Interior design by: MDS Interiors

The trappings of tradition – marbled panels, ornate curves, and decorative wainscoting – are thrust into a modern frame of light and shadow in this classically inspired lounge. Interior design by: Zids Design

An unassuming two-tone panel puts a faintly complex motif against the sharp lines around it, while subtly complementing the largely white seating space. Interior design by: Gusto Design

Being composed from the same materials as the surrounding walls, the television wall presents simplistic lines that imply the presence of cabinets. In a demonstration of order and chaos juxtaposed, the opposite wall adopts similar lines but runs wild with them. Interior design by: IA Interior Design

Another demonstration in the contrasting of simplistic motifs is presented with unassuming materials in this living space. Interior design by: Design Base

The bibliophile’s preferred form of wall decoration is a collection of printed works to introduce some colour and create potential for intellectual discourse. Interior design by: Yong Studio

With the striking wall motif and iconic furniture in its presence, this television wall is suitably rendered to emulate the whitewashed wooden sidings of temperate countrysides, effectively providing both thematic and visual contrast. Interior design by: Design Base

This compact home is made to appear more spacious with a functional and decorative feature that hides the television and consequently reduces the size of the seating lounge. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

The use of a subtle and almost randomised motif on the far wall of this seating lounge effectively connects the striking upholstery with the relatively plain and monochromatic surroundings. Interior design by: Desenze Interior Concept

This feature wall presents angular cuts of glossy black panelling to simultaneously echo the motif on the carpet and provide a measure of colour contrast. Interior design by: SQFT Space Design Management

Wide stretches of blank wall are turned into monochromatic frames to encapsulate a collection of artful fixtures and personal photographs. Interior design by: Design Preneur

Lit crevices and angular cuts of glossy black panelling imbue this living room with a distinctly modern persuasion. Interior design by: Space In Design

In conjunction with industrial lighting fixtures and the sharp decorative lines of modern influence, the feature wall is dressed to reinforce the monochromatic flavour of this home. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

The brickwork of this lounge’s main wall provides the neutral coloured space with a generous stretch of subtle texture to draw attention. Interior design by: Surface R

A more modern take on subtle texture is demonstrated with this neutral coloured lounge’s television wall. Interior design by: Gusto Design & Build

In lieu of gratuitous curves and opulent materials, this feature wall utilises the aged grains of wood to provide this living room with a measure of beguiling texture. Interior design by: Moonlit Inspiration

A seamless slab of marbled stone affords the simplistic surroundings with intriguing patterns and a discernible measure of luxury. Interior design by: Yong Studio

Among simplistic frames of straight lines and plain rectangles, the subtle waves of the feature wall serve to draw attention into the core of the living space. Interior design by: Space In Design

Splashes of bright colour easily cut through environments replete with complex and disparate patterns. Interior design by: Design Spirits

Rather than opting for a seamless stretch of brown, the television wall is subdivided with perpendicular lines to preserve the perceived volume of the space . Interior design by: Desenze Interior Concept

Where the surrounding panels are relatively smooth and devoid of texture, the television wall presents an all-white plane studded with pyramids. Interior design by: Turn Design

The faint veining of marbled stone, the colour of which is echoed in the fuzzy texture of the carpet, provides this nearly monotone space with intriguing contrast. Interior design by: Sky Creation

Instead of acting as the main star of the space, the television wall presents a simplistic array of rectangles that obscure the presence of cabinets and allow attentions to fall onto the geometric patterns of the carpet and the bright splashes of colour distributed around the living room. Interior design by: Design Base


With the possibilities for abundant details being limited by the size of the space, the  television wall presents a wide stretch of darkly stained wood to bolster the masculine décor. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

Sometimes choosing not to embellish the television wall with texture is the way to go – especially with an abundance of motifs on a nearby wall. Interior design by: Jashen Interior Design

A grand gesture of marbled stone serves to elevate this lounge to luxurious heights. Interior design by: Turn Design

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