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Top 30 Alternative Dining Interior Design Ideas

by chxadmin

If you’re planning on squeezing a dining arrangement into a compact area, or combining spaces in an open layout, you may be interested in seeing some alternative arrangements that preserve a sense of airy volume. In this line-up of dining spaces, you will be treated to some ideas that rely on kitchen islands, wall-hugging furniture, or unconventional designs to provide some intriguing and unique results.

A simplistic arrangement of Scandinavian design complements the neutral coloured decor and provides necessary seating without detracting from the openness of the space. Interior design by: GI Design

A noteworthy example of banquette seating arises from the centre of this open layout, with a decorative backing providing minimal segregation. Interior design by: Jashen Interior

With a bench in place of two chairs, this dining arrangement can be pushed closer to the wall to conserve space. Interior design by: Jashen Interior

While the shape and size of the table surface has it projecting into the narrow space, a bit of demarcation around the perimeter reduces the prominence of the intrusion. Interior design by: Surface R

The merging of the dining room and kitchen make for perhaps the most economical use of space. Interior design by: Yong Studio

This combination of lightly treated wood, bare cement, aged leather, and patinated metal frames create a distinctly masculine space. Interior design by: X-Two Concept

This kitchen island features a broader-than-average surface that can be turned into a study table or dining table as needed. Interior design by: The Roof Studio

A projecting island surface is rendered less intrusive with the deliberate echoing of nearby architectural finishes and being made to appear as though it could be folded away. Interior design by: Mode Interior Style

Every component of this bar-height dining arrangement adheres to the requisite tones of the neutral palette in order to preserve a sense of space. Interior design by: Metrics Global

This kitchen features a diminutive country inspired nook, serving as a dining arrangement to seat up to four diners in close proximity within the compact confines of a standard kitchen. Interior design by: M Innovative Builders

This island serves as an implicit barrier to the kitchen and provides a place for guests to linger before heading into the chaos of the kitchen. Interior design by: M Innovative Builders

In the most compact of apartments, the placement of a dining table against one of the walls is almost a requirement for saving space. Designer: Konan Design

While not the most appropriate or formal of dining arrangements, a bar provides a place for the casual consumption of a meal. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

Rather than being relegated to the edges of the layout or being hidden in the kitchen, this bar occupies a central position in the foyer to serve as the primary attraction for arriving guests. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

Coloured in the same tones as the surrounding space, this kitchen island is camouflaged while serving as both a functional barrier and as an alternative dining surface. Interior design by: Gusto Design & Build

The trio of bar stools extend the reach of the reflective metals occurring at the edges of the space. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

In an inverse demonstration of the previous kitchen island, the thick and dark forms of these bar stools encapsulate the kitchen in a loose array of bold, black lines. Image Credit: Casa Indah Design

Against a monochromatic background of modern design, the sleek and angular design of these bar stools make the seating the main attractions of this kitchen. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

A chabudai, or Japanese tea table, is perhaps the most intriguing form of furniture for an unconventional dining arrangement. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

A favoured trope in modern interiors is the juxtaposition of gratuitous curves against a background of stark lines and monochromatic shades. Interior design by: Q1 Interior Concept

A dining arrangement with the smallest footprint ever is formed out of a table that was apparently designed to be stowed when not in use. Image Credit: Nice-Style Refurbishment

While the designs of furniture used in this arrangement are simplistic for the sake of preserving visual space, the application of both contrasting and unifying tones in accessories and upholstery arouses attention. Interior Design by: Nice Style Refurbishment

The ubiquitous design of these bar stools enables the seating to blend into the background of monochrome and modern lines in the kitchen alcove. Interior design by: Jashen Interior

Another example of contemporary curves standing in front of a modern background is demonstrated with a highly limited set of materials in this kitchen. Image Credit: Design Spirits

As with many other arrangements where the kitchen island stands as a physical barrier, the stools here are selected for their potential to draw attention to the receiving face rather than the operative side of the kitchen. Interior design by: Homlux Interior Furnishing

This arrangement puts modern lines and luxurious upholstery against a background of wood parquet in a herringbone pattern and classical wainscoting on walls. Interior design by: Bazarbayu

This neutral coloured kitchen is wrapped in a bow of monochrome with glossy black being represented at the outer edges. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

This dining arrangement utilises a kitchen island as a barrier to the kitchen, as well as the grounding element for the projecting dining surface. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

This space demonstrates another small-footprint arrangement with a narrow shelf serving as a dining surface along the wall. Interior design by: Nu Infinity

This kitchen island is made the main attraction of the open layout with the stark contrast between the bold, red upholstery and the neutral coloured architectural finishes. Interior design by: Space Living Interior Furnishing

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