Love rice? You can now have quality rice and rice-based dishes every day – thanks to the Cuckoo Rice Cooker, a smart cooker that cooks your favourite foods with a healthy dose of heart and soul.


As one of the most popular grain globally, rice sustains two-thirds of the world’s population, supplying energy, complex carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and mineral. In Malaysia, it is our staple food, and no matter if we are having Malay, Chinese, Indian or any other multicultural cuisine, rice is almost always served together with the main dishes. A delicious and nutritious foundation food, rice evidently plays an important role in maintaining a healthy diet amongst Malaysians.

This said however, it’s common (and unfortunate) to find many households and even restaurants serving rice that are not cooked well. Sometimes it may be undercooked or overcooked. Other times, it may be dry, soggy or served cold. Perhaps, we have taken rice for granted in our daily lives – hence we tend to treat the way we cook and serve rice in a careless manner. As this little grain plays a big role in our nutrition, it’s about time we learn a thing or two from Cuckoo about the “Art of Rice” through their new collection of rice cookers.

Along with their impressive range of innovative water purifiers, Cuckoo also offers a series of “smart” rice cookers that are built to elevate the experience of cooking rice and other dishes. All this is part of Cuckoo’s quest to educate and provide consumers with the right tools and inspiration to live a healthy life.

“Living healthily needs to be a routine, a habit,” says CEO of Cuckoo Malaysia, Mr.KC Hoe. “Therefore, drinking clean and healthy water and eating quality rice every day should be the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.”

To ensure consumers can enjoy quality and tasty rice daily, the Cuckoo Rice Cooker is designed to be one of the company’s most intelligent and innovative health products. These cookers are created based on 4 major technologies – smart algorithm, pressure cooking, heating technology and coating technology.

CRP-HN10_01 — HN10 TOOL—

Smart Algorithm

Users can access different algorithms for different types of cooking by adjusting the power consumption and pressure level. Various cooking functions are also available. “It is understood that “taste” is most consumers’ main criterion when choosing a multi-cooker,” says Mr.Hoe. “Cuckoo has implemented and optimised a taste algorithm, which is a result of over 30 years of research and development. Over 300 recipes have been developed through the Cuckoo smart algorithm technology.”

Pressure Cooking

The pressure feature allows food to be cooked inside a sealed vessel which prevents air or liquid from escaping below a preset pressure. The benefits of this function includes:

  • saving time and energy – reduces up to 70% of cooking time and energy usage.
  • preserving nutrients and improving tastes – heats food evenly. The minerals are left undissolved. Foods are not oxidised by air pressure, so their original flavours are retained.
  • eliminating harmful microorganisms in food – kills almost all harmful microorganisms by cooking at extremely high temperatures. Reduces aflatoxins concentration to safe levels.

Heating Technology   

This feature uses induction heating instead of general direct heating. A a non-contact heating process using radio frequency electricity through an electrical conductive material is utilized. An induction heating zone is also built underneath the inner pot. Here, the entire inner pot is used as a heating element instead of just from the bottom of the external vessel. This heats the cooking vessel quicker by up to 20% and cooks food more evenly due to the high conductivity of the inner pot.

Coating Technology  

The coating technology features Cuckoo’s proprietary coating, SK-FLON which is safe from the harmful substances of aluminium. This coating prevents rice from sticking to the inner surface of the pot.




But that’s not all, Cuckoo Rice Cookers are able to handle even the most complex types of food – for instance, GABA rice, a germinated brown rice that contains high level of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, which possesses 13% more nutrients compared to white rice. There are benefits of eating GABA rice which include preventing diabetes, stabilising cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, improving learning ability, preventing constipation and more.

The only downside to it is that it’s not easy to cook GABA rice as it requires appropriate temperature and adequate water in order to activate its cell and germinate the grain. Conventional rice cookers are not equipped to cook GABA rice properly and require more than 24 hours of manual cooking (soak, drain, spray, rinse, cook) to prepare the grain. Good news is, Cuckoo Rice Cookers can handle all these tasks well – and they are the only rice cookers that have the GABA rice feature. With the Cuckoo Rice Cooker, GABA rice can be cooked and germinated within 4 hours with just one click of a button.


—M10 TOOL—

“Cuckoo Rice Cookers are the only ones in the market that can cook germinated brown rice,” explains Mr.Hoe. “At 1.9 bars, our rice cookers also have the highest pressure bar in the market, as the usual pressure cookers have around 1.2 bars. State-of-the-art technology is also used to coat the rice cookers, and quality materials are handpicked to ensure the best performance and the best taste. On top of that, our cookers feature various kinds of induction heating technologies to ensure quicker and more even heating process. To date, Cuckoo Rice Cookers have up to 22 types of patented safety features, and they are the only rice cookers in the country that have a detachable inner-cover for easy cleaning. ”

With all these technologies included, it’s easy to see why the Cuckoo Rice Cooker is a sought-after product. Putting into numbers the popularity of Cuckoo products in South Korea, this paints an even more impressive picture – one unit of Cuckoo Rice Cooker is being sold in Korea every 10 seconds.

In Malaysia, Cuckoo Rice Cookers are now available in two models – BLACK HN10 (14 cooking modes) and RED N06 (12 cooking modes) which retail for RM2,650 and RM1,370 respectively. Additionally, Cuckoo has launched their first ever rental scheme for rice cooker in the market for the RED M10 (12 cooking modes) model. With just RM50 a month, consumers will be able to enjoy the excellent standards of Cuckoo’s pressure multi-cooker.

To help consumers make full use of their products, there are also many healthy living programmes coming up. “We will be organising cooking classes to educate Malaysians on healthy eating,” says Mr.Hoe. “We will also introduce recipes for wholesome food that can help reduce blood pressure, detoxify the body and so on. We have plans to engage with professional chefs and nutritionists to create simple, delicious and healthy recipes that Malaysians will love so that your rice cooker pressure multi-cooker isn’t just an appliance, it is a daily tool for ensuring a healthy life.”



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